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Traveling with Kids: Tips for a Comfortable Car Trip

Bored in the back seat? Long car trips can be a test of children’s patience. The travel reporter gathered some tips so mom and dad arrive comfortable and packed into their vacation destination.

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When did we finally get there? Every driver traveling with children has probably heard this sentence enough from the back seat. And indeed, long car rides can sometimes go on like chewing gum.

But with a few simple tricks, this doesn’t have to be the case – and a car ride becomes equally comfortable for mom, dad and kids.

The family can have fun in the car – even if the journey sometimes takes a long time.

1. Make yourself and your children as comfortable as possible

Sitting in the same position for a long time is uncomfortable for adults and even children. It’s more fun with comfortable clothes and loose-fitting shoes. So ditch the skinny jeans for yourself and your kids and wear cooler leggings instead. Also, if your children have long hair, do not tie them up in a ponytail, as this will make it impossible to rest their heads comfortably.

The child seat must also be installed correctly and the mounting system installed correctly, otherwise sitting in the car will become very uncomfortable in the long run.

2. Do you have proper entertainment at your fingertips

Many children love stories, but reading them out loud while driving often makes adult readers uncomfortable. It is easier to download a larger selection of audiobooks before the flight and thus save travel time.

ALWAYS WITH YOU: A toy or stuffed animal can also provide a distraction on long trips.

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Travel games can also provide a distraction:

  • One of the classics is “I see something you don’t”
  • Creating crazy stories: A family member begins telling a story. After three sentences, it’s the next person’s turn to add three sentences and so on – this is how crazy stories are created that you can laugh at together
  • Form strings of words: one person in the car says a compound noun, i.e. a compound word, eg “back seat”, the next person forms a new compound noun from the second part of the word, eg “meat seat”, then the next person picks up the part the last of the word and zum is an example of “meat broth” and so on
  • A-to-Z Game: First think of a category, for example animals, food, or countries. Then it takes turns: the first person names the representative of the class starting with the letter A, the next person searches for a suitable word starting with the letter B, and so on.
  • Auto-Bingo – For all children not prone to travel sickness: Children first write different models of cars in a three-by-three or four-by-four playground. As soon as they see one of the signs written, cross out the field in question. Whoever crosses an entire row first wins. The game also works with license plates.
  • Pro license plate weden: Whoever can assign the most vehicle number plates correctly wins – and after driving gets ice cream at the expense of the losers. You can practice in advance with our license plate test.