Euro 2022: Something is going on

Updated on 07/27/2022 at 4:34 PM

Marital status? It is complicated. This is how the love of football can often be described. But the current championship causes butterflies and a feeling of happiness.

In love, people like to talk about “spring fever” when people fall in love with each other newly or new. Anyone who feels connected to football can only shake their head. Spring is the season of tough decisions. Which teams are fighting to survive to the end, who qualifies for European action, and where will the extra trip for your club go? Spring fever in football means stress, sweaty hands in front of the TV, hoarse throat on the block.

Absolutely. football. What would you like? The question arises with unfortunate regularity, because overconfidence is immediately accelerating again after Corona, overconfidence because patriarchal structures are firmly entrenched here, power players feel particularly at ease, championships are questionably awarded and fragile masculinity is presented in very large bowls when It is about this sport. honest? sucks.

Finally, focus on football

And now that’s EM in England. Suddenly the focus is on what it’s all about: football. But suddenly, there is no problem in addressing the social and political dimensions of the sport. Suddenly women started talking, bringing their experience, intelligence and love to the sport, and it seems that the German media is finally starting to wake up to the necessary development. I’m not a fan of belittling the sport as a family-friendly event once the women are on the ball – and there’s a balancing act to be done in a script like this in that respect, so: it’s great to see how many families there are on the field in England. It’s great to experience that football as a sport naturally inspires fans and the current tournament removes skeptics and skeptics.

All this can be read in numbers. The previous public record for the tournament, EM 2017 in the Netherlands, has already been broken. The semi-final between England and Sweden reached 5.39 million viewers (23.6 percent of market share), the best ever for games without German participation. By comparison, the number of fans watching EM on TV increased by 58 percent over the 2017 tournament, and the old record of 164 million in front of screens was already broken after the quarter-finals. This is all very good news.

From a sporting point of view, it’s good to have two coaches on the sidelines in the final. Of the 16 teams that qualified for the European Championship, 10 were coached by men and only six by women at the start of the tournament. If you look at the often harder path for women in this profession, it’s an exclamation point especially since two of them made it to the final before their teammates. It is also a reminder to National Societies of the importance of ensuring more equal opportunities in education.

There should be a “keep it up”.

Broadcasters and other media are working to increase the visibility of the experts in this tournament. A development we hope will continue beyond the European Championship – and reports like Tabea Kemme and Julia Simic are watching the Bundesliga as the experts at Sky give hope. Football is football, regardless of whether the ball is played by women or men – and colleagues remain experts, no matter who plays the ball. This statement may continue to assert itself.

Unlike after the 2011 World Cup, it is now up to the federations and clubs to take advantage of the momentum from this tournament in the daily life of the Bundesliga. The huge potential of women’s football was hinted at several times last season, particularly in international matches. The European Championship makes it clear again, keep in mind that some men’s national games are already taking place again. With this realization comes the responsibility to invest more conviction, money, interest and enthusiasm permanently.

The final move is yet to come, but after the 4-0 victory over Sweden in the European Championship final, English fans rejoiced madly at the public viewing in London’s Trafalgar Square. The belief in the title in the European Championship at home is great. (Image credit: imago)

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