Kicking for kids in need and Bundesliga in green

We think: every now and then you need good news. Mainly from sports. In our good news, we bring you seven stories each week that will make athletes’ hearts — and hopefully yours — beat faster. Because the news is fun. They are pioneers. Because they show new tendencies. Because they sprinkle a bit of absurdity into a very dangerous world. Or because they only bring joy. The main thing is to be in a good mood, this is our motto in this news format.

And we also start right away with the Bundesliga turning green, cyclists raising money for disadvantaged children and exposing institutional racism in Scottish cricket.

The Bundesliga is getting greener: in the future, matches in the first and second leagues will be broadcast in a climate-neutral manner. In the first step, greenhouse gas emissions from transportation operations must be offset. Meanwhile, the league wants to work with payment channel Sky to essentially reduce emissions. We think more sustainability in football is a good thing, so cheering at home in front of the TV is doubly fun.

Doing something for your health and doing something good for others at the same time – this is the goal of the “Radeln und helfen eV”. Concept: Whether it’s alone or in a group, on the way to work or on a long ride, cyclists create campaigns or join a campaign. Donations are then collected for this purpose, and the full amount of it goes to disadvantaged, disabled or needy children. For example, founder Gerhard Daschauber crossed more than 40 thousand meters in altitude and 1,100 kilometers on his bicycle with his project “Seven Peaks” and raised funds for every meter of altitude. good job!

Referees are only human and make mistakes. However, tolerance for this is often very low. And fair play for all footballers is not normal. Mario Wiegert, SG Bad Schwartau’s electronic youth coach, set an example here by accepting the wrong decision of a young referee in his first game rather than blaming him. For this he received the Fair Play Award from the German Football Association. Bibiana Steinhaus Webb, the former model referee, praised Change, saying, “I influenced the acceptance of the wrong decision for the right reasons.”

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Used Burjit platform for more sustainability

As fun as new outdoor equipment is, and as it is sometimes necessary, its production requires valuable resources. It is crucial that one wears their clothes for as long as possible and passes them on when they are not needed. Here Borgget gives a good example. On the second-hand Re-Use platform, athletes can send in their branded clothing until they can find a new owner. Would you like more of it!

The European Championships will take place in Munich in a few weeks – and German climbers are at their best! Alexandre Migos of DAV Erlangen won the bronze medal at the World Cup flagship in Bryanson, France. It’s all fun for him because things haven’t gone so well in recent competitions. His teammate Jannick Flöh of Aachen came just behind him in fourth. So the chances of winning the medals at the European Championships in Munich 2022 are not bad. We’re excited to see if Megos and Flohé will make it to the podium there.

Noah Lyles was considered the new Usain Bolt. But his depression interrupted his exceptional career. Now his mental health appears to be on the mend as Lyles won the IAAF 200m final in an astonishing 19.31sec. Another record for the USA! Perhaps the best news is that Lyles is doing better a year after he shared his deepest fears and grief at the Tokyo Olympics. If that’s not good news!

Majid Haq and Qasim Sheikh had publicly denounced institutional racism in the Scottish Cricket Association and both were expelled from the national team last year as a sad result. But now, a year later, an independent investigation has found a total of 448 examples of racism in the organization. The responsible commission acknowledged the “culture of racially motivated partial attacks”. As a result, large portions of the top cricket league quit. Finally some justice for Majid Haq and Qasim Al-Sheikh and hopefully it’s just the beginning of change.

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