Lando Norris between love and hate on social media

Updated 07/28/2022 13:11

  • Lando Norris belongs to the social media generation and has faced two opposites online: passion and hate.
  • A joke with Max Verstappen charms his followers, Norris collects more than a million likes.
  • The downside is the hatred, which is also directed at his famous girlfriend Luisinha Barosa Oliveira.

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Social media can be tepid. Creative, versatile and fun. Then Instagram & Co offers laughter and plenty of entertainment for diversity. Lando Norris knows how to use social media, and the Formula 1 star can laugh at himself.

After the 12th race of the season in France, he posted a photo of himself and winner Max Verstappen waiting in front of a helicopter. Plus the sentence: “As of today we share 27 race wins.” The number of wins Norris contributed to: 0.

His technique was well received, as was Verstappen’s charming counterattack. “I need to stock up before you start stealing my victories,” wrote the Dutchman. An impressive collection of harmless entertainment that has racked up over 1 million likes and over 2,600 comments.

Landon Norris: The Complete Keyboard for the World of Social Media

In a ranking published by Sky, Norris was seventh in Formula 1 with around 8.5 million fans on social media (5.6 million on Instagram, 2 million on Twitter and 939,000 on Facebook).

The McLaren driver offers his followers a mix of entertainment, seriousness and a behind-the-scenes look at his channels, and he regularly seeks to connect with fans through his Twitch livestreaming platform. Norris has mastered the complete keyboard of the social media world. Unfortunately, this is not always pleasant.

Because the network may also be uncomfortable. Problematic and frightening, full of hate. Norris is also known for this aspect. So-called trolls don’t stop at a famous racing driver. It also happens that such people go below the belt or simply go too far. “I get death threats from time to time,” Norris told The Sun. “You should smile or ignore some comments on social media, but it stops with threats like that.”

He travels the world, meets many people, and has a lot of experiences, says the 22-year-old, “and these people waste their lives sitting in a quiet room behind a computer and alarming or threatening others.”

Hate is directed at his girlfriend

Hate is directed not only against him, but also against his girlfriend, Portuguese model Luizinha Barrosa Oliveira. Norris struck up the affair with her fans earlier this year. On the Internet, this not only has romantic consequences. exactly the contrary. “There are horrible hate sites directed against my girlfriend to luv her on the internet, especially on Instagram and Twitter. It’s not easy for her,” Norris said.

Because while Norris has not only matured as a racing driver through the rise from Formula 4 to Formula 3, Formula 2 and then Formula 1, but has also become aware of the pressure, expectations, the public, and the unpleasant aspects of his career off the track, half of him is stuck between the fronts somewhat unprepared. . “So you have to be very careful about what you say or do,” Norris said. “She’s gone, for example, from normal life to living in the spotlight pretty quickly.”

He grew up with platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Twitch, “and I love sharing there, but I find it hard to deal with hate and belittlement,” Norris says. By the way, the topic of hate on the Internet is not new to Formula 1.

Discussion about Nicholas Latifi

The debate has sparked debate over Williams driver Nicholas Latifi, who received death threats after the controversial 2021 World Cup final for launching the crucial safety car stage. He made the case public at the time and received plenty of support, including from Lewis Hamilton – who was repeatedly racially abused – and Norris.

Norris said he does not understand the position of insulting others “rather than spending time with your friends and creating positive memories”: “There are a lot of efforts we put in as a team and Formula 1 in this regard, and I hope we can continue to improve and get rid of those kinds of people.” Until social media is quieter again.

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