5 ways to stop feeling like you’re not good enough

Feeling uncomfortable from time to time is not uncommon. You can read here which ideas can help with feelings of inferiority.

The influencer, who is already earning a three-figure sum annually at the age of 23. The friend who has kids every year and publishes a novel during her parental leave. Or the friend who takes care of a mother with dementia who somehow can be your best friend. Sometimes we can get into a situation where we ask ourselves: How do others do it? Why do I get so little work done?

The intermittent feeling of not being good enough is not uncommon, nor is it a reason to immediately seek professional help (unless he becomes a permanent guest in our spirit world!). Most of the time, you don’t want to invite us to doubt ourselves, but rather our claims and values. The following thoughts can help if the feeling has arisen and you don’t want to go away right away.

These thoughts can help you not feel like you’re not good enough

1. What is actually good enough?

The premise of not feeling good enough is that there is enough good – but what exactly is that supposed to be? Who decides what is good enough? And who wants to know that please?

We capture many of our expectations of ourselves and our ideas of how we should be through our participation in our community. Monogamous relationship, arranged and well-organized family, first child 35 years old at the latest. If we don’t advance in our job after three years, we’re doing something wrong. And if we don’t play at least one musical instrument in our spare time, exercise and read a couple of books a month, maybe we should book a training with a focus on time management. Youve.

In fact, all these expectations and demands on ourselves are mere inventions. We don’t know the purpose of our lives, so we (collectively) make one and determine what’s good and what’s bad. We often do not feel satisfied enough when we think that we are falling behind socially or not keeping up with others. But we don’t know if our society as a whole is developing in a good direction, and whether the standards and expectations we accept in our lives are really great, we don’t know. After all, the evolution of humanity in the past few hundred years has caused a pandemic and a flood disaster in Central Europe and few species become extinct.

The truth is that there is no objective measure of Good enough. We are all different and our uniqueness is what sets us apart and what we can only contribute to this world. Doing our best is good enough.This looks different to each of us.

2. Not being perfect makes you a good person

Psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott developed the “good enough mother” theory based on his research in the 1950s, the basic idea being that mothers who make mistakes are better mothers than ideal mothers because they educate their children and lead by example in mistakes. Dealing with In friendships or partnerships, our mistakes comfort the other person and vice versa because they help accept and forgive one’s mistakes. Mistakes make us likable and friendly, and our mistakes can benefit others in some way.

Now that doesn’t mean we have to make extra mistakes and never have to apologize for anything again. It just means that we don’t have to be perfect or flawless to be good enough. Our mistakes usually have a purpose, even if we are angry with them.

3. You are more than you achieve and own

Most of us are replaceable in the jobs we do. Similarly, another person can live in our house and own the things we own. But no one on our team can calm the mood with a casual saying like the rest of us. Nobody can listen to our girlfriend and be there for her like we can. Our personality is what makes us special and unique. How we perceive the world, how we feel, interact with it, and interact with others is something special. And that’s regardless of whether we have a firm bottom or one with dents, whether we’re serving food, caring for the sick, or building houses. If someone else feels loved or well-meaning for us, it is a strong indication that we are good enough.

4. What would you say to yourself as your girlfriend?

Whenever we hit ourselves (and most of the time when we don’t feel good enough), the trick is to pretend we’re our best friend. How are you going to deal with her What are you going to tell her She probably expects too much from herself, who she is, and what she is is just enough. or?

5. Since you can’t let your feelings go away: meet them with curiosity

The same goes for feeling like you’re not good enough for all of our (unpleasant) feelings: they don’t just go away because we want to get rid of them. And if they really exist anyway, we can ask them where they come from. When did you start feeling unsatisfied? What triggered this feeling? What is the perception or position behind it? What is going to happen or what do you have to do to get it to stop? Because even if the statement that you are not good enough is false – your feelings are not. There’s something it wants to tell you and it’s probably going in a direction like: relax. deep breath. All is well. you are enough Sometimes our feelings choose a strange way to show us the truth.

Source used: psychologytoday.com


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