A loving view from the north to Mülheim – Mülheim

Petra Blume is responsible for the Facebook page “You are from Mülheim, so
The 65-year-old freelance journalist and writer lives in Al-Hassam
North Friesland.

Petra Blume – The name says something to over 2,000 people from Mülheim and the surrounding area. All those who are logged into their Facebook group. Petra Bloom was born in Markgräfler and is a fun-loving North Frisian. She celebrated her 65th birthday here these days, wandering curiously about her home town. Always looking for new things for her Facebook group.

Petra Bloom stands out as she places her pink gym bag on her back. She says: Hussam loves Mulheim. This is exactly their programme. Petra Bloom has lived in Husum in northern Friesland since she was four-and-a-half years old, not heading as far north as Germany. But her second love is Mulheim, in the far south. Here I was born in the old hospital. She was raised and raised for several years, and the family lived in the later Schacherer Hotel until her mother returned north to her parents. Her father, a merchant, opened a spar shop in Husum and she only returned to Mülheim once when she was a child.

(Ra) Find out for the Mülheim family

But when she gave birth to a daughter, she wanted to show her family the city in which she was born, and this became a regular visit. Petra Bloom moves to Mulheim at least every two or three years. She’s just back and there’s a lot for the freelance journalist and author to discover. “Mulheim is changing rapidly,” she says, referring above all to construction activity, which is not found to the same extent in its north. Petra Bloom is curious, she wants to know what’s going on with the decaying house on the corner of Lindell and Werderstrasse. Which restaurant is open and where you can get the tastiest ice cream.

These are the best qualifications for a Facebook group admin. “You’re from Mülheim, if…” is the name of the group run by the Northern Light. How does that work at a distance of over 900 km? Surprisingly good. “I have no inside knowledge,” she admits. But on the one hand she is not alone as a supervisor, and on the other hand she knows her way around. “Managing itself isn’t something that needs to be done on site, but of course I’m only very close to it when I’m here.”

Moderation is about etiquette

And finally, the main thing is moderation. ‘We pay attention to the opinions of the Internet.’ It is important to react quickly when posts lead to problematic, such as insults and comments. “If someone scolds, he puts the chair in front of the door.” Because otherwise others will be afraid to write something. I found it remarkable that Mayor Martin Loeffler was on the set as well. “He also writes statements about questions,” Petra Bloom says.

It has good chances to compare because she also runs a Facebook group in North Friesland. It has 9,000 members, which are on average more active than the 2014 members in Mülheim – when they joined in 2012, there were only 69 members. They also have an explanation: the weather in the north is worse, rainy and colder. Some wander behind their PC or on the sofa with their cell phones, while Markgräfler is more outside and is therefore a somewhat silent reader.

Petra Bloom: “You’re more direct in the North.”

There are also differences in terms of content: in North Friesland, Petra Bloom can unleash her satirical sense of humor for free. This is not going well in Mülheim. “In the North you are also more direct, here you talk more about dessert.”

Next year, she wants to come to Mulheim with her husband for two weeks if possible, during the city’s festival as well. “Who knows if we can keep our promise to grill and sell sausages in the Alemannia Pavilion.”

Ideas for new plays in the stairs

By the way, Petra Bloom is also a playwright. When she retired from journalism, she wanted to write more again and make a perfect hit like “Rummy zu Drei” performed at the Ohnsorg Theatre. She had ideas. But away from the office, it’s sexy, too.

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