Summer vacation – we continue on August 18

“Sturm der Liebe” is a long-running absolute song on ARD. Telenovela is very popular and is an integral part of the afternoon program. In our preview you can find out how things will play out in the world of the five star hotel “Fürstenhof”. However, Schmonzette’s cult is currently on her summer vacation. It won’t last until August 15, 2022! Below you can read what happened recently.

>> All couples dream of a “love storm” in the gallery <

When and where is “Love Storm”?

The new episode “Storm of Love” always starts Monday through Friday at 3:10 PM on the first. Here we present to you in detail all the main representatives.

Where can I watch the “Love Storm” replay?

If a new episode airs in the first, all three public service programs air a repeat of the last episode at different times on their show over the next 24 hours.

In addition, you can always watch the latest episode in the ARD media library.

Do you want to have all the information about “Love Storm” at a glance? Here you can find out, among other things, where the series was actually filmed and what the ratings look like.

Warning: spoilers!

“Love Storm” Monday 18 July 2022: Preview of Episode 3868

Faced with Constance’s question if he really wants to be with her, Paul has to make up his mind about his feelings for Josie. He doubts that Josie and Leon could ever become a couple, and remembers why Konstanz met at that time…

Jerry’s idea of ​​Helen being able to work as a hairdresser in a beauty salon didn’t convince Sherine at first. Although hiring a hairstylist would be a useful addition to the salon and Helen assures her that she respects her as her boss, Sherine expresses her skepticism. But when Helen automatically takes care of a demanding client, Sherine is pleasantly surprised.

With his position in the village, Max wants to draw attention to his “affordable housing” campaign for local council elections and gets into a fight with Werner. Because Werner believes that you can only achieve your goals by working hard, and this is very different from Max’s liberal ideas. Vanessa overheard the discussion and realized Werner was feeling the personal attack.

When André rides his bike through Bichlheim and gets distracted for a moment, he cycles across a pond and overlooks Helene. Helen, who has been sprayed with a wet spray, confronts Andre and wants compensation. But he sees the fault in Helen herself and leads without suspecting who he just upset.

“Love Storm” Tuesday, July 19, 2022: Preview of Episode 3869

When Caroline and Michael approach dinner, Caroline prematurely cuts off the meeting with an argument. Because her probation officer Mrs. Vrubel called her and put her under pressure again: this time Caroline is supposed to steal opioids in the hospital with the help of Michael’s master key.

As Paul and Konstanz enjoy their happiness together, Josie realizes that looking at them doesn’t hurt her much anymore, and she wants to move on. Meanwhile, Leon struggles with his feelings for Josie and is afraid to reveal himself to her as the manager of the “Chocolate Gods” store.

Although Helen and Andre Michael confirmed that they would get along well after their discussion, the opposite is quickly true. When Helen asked Andre about his strong smell after shaving and asked him to change it, Andre was provoked. So he uses a lot of aftershave the next day, but Helen knows how to help herself.

In order to be able to run in the local council elections, Max still needs some autographs which he hopes to get from his colleagues and friends. Then Jerry wants to help his brother and tries to get Yvonne to sign. At first she seemed unwilling, but she soon realized the benefit she could reap from her support.

“Love Storm” Thursday, July 21, 2022: Preview of Episode 3870

Although Josie is unsettled after Leon’s spontaneous declaration of love, she gives him a chance and the two go for a walk together. Leon decides to finally tell Josie the truth about himself. But when she tells him about her past relationship, which ended due to lies and betrayal of trust, Leon is uneasy.

After Caroline takes Michael’s key, she can’t bring herself to steal the drugs and inconspicuously wants to return Michael’s key to Michael. She puts the key in a bag on Michael’s desk, not realizing that an uninvolved patient will take her home.

As part of his campaign for city council, Max wants to convert an empty stable to provide a living and working space for artists. When Kristof, who is looking for a program dedicated to the Spring Festival, hears about and likes Max’s idea, he presents it to other contributors as his own suggestion.

“Love Storm” on Friday, July 22, 2022: Preview of Episode 3871

In order to exonerate the innocent patient, Caroline has no choice but to confess the truth to Michael. Michael then wants to help Caroline and attach a tracking device to the medicine box so that Frau Fröbel is arrested during his delivery. But the probation officer became suspicious.

After Eric reveals Josie Leon as Managing Director of “Chocolate Gods”, she no longer wants any relationship with Leon and declares war on him. Josie wants to oppose the opening of the Lyon branch with an advertising campaign. But then the coffee shop’s chocolate temperer breaks and Josie has to replace it out of her own pocket.

When Yvonne discovers that the winning pool team has a week in the Prince’s suite at the store, she convinces Eric to compete with her. In a roundabout way, Erik manages to find a replacement for Yvonne behind the bar so she can have her championship day. During his first pool practice session with Yvonne, Eric was blown away…

Alphonse is glad to Jerry that his mother resides in Bichelheim and would like to get to know her better. He makes an appointment with her at the beauty salon and is pleasantly surprised when Helen gives him not only a head massage, but also beard care tips.

Sturm der Liebe on summer vacation after July 22

Episode 3871 on July 22. He is the last for now, before Love Storm goes on summer vacation for several weeks. Let’s continue in mid-August. We’ll update the preview for episodes after the summer holidays in due course.

These are the formerly dreamed couples in the movie “Storm of Love”.

So many tears have been shed in 17 seasons. Because of broken hearts and also because of her dream weddings in Fürstenhof. Here are the pairs from all seasons so far:

Season One: Laura and Alexander
Season Two: Miriam and Robert
Season Three: Sublime and Gregor
Season 4: Emma and Felix
Season 5: Sandra and Locke
Season 6: Eve and Robert
Season 7: Teresa and Moretz
Season 8: Marilyn and Konstantin
Season 9: Pauline and Leonard
Season 10: Julia and Niklas
Season 11: Luisa and Sebastian
Season 12: Clara and Adrian
Season 13: Rebecca and William
Season 14: Alicia and Victor
Season 15: Dennis and Joshua
Season 16: Francesca and Tim
Season 17: Maja and Florian

In the hit series ARD “Storm of Love” there is always drama, until you finally reach a happy ending. In addition to the beautiful aspects of life, the “Love Storm” also shows the dark side – death. Here we show you the main characters who have already died.


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