The best children’s books for the holidays

What is the tractor doing here?

DrPainter Bennet Schroeder, who died on July 5, left an impressive collection of work consisting of about 20 picture books. Your home publisher, NordSüd in Zurich, gave us a wonderful gift on our 60th anniversary last year with the lavish book ‘Bilder definitelyBande’. It contains 31 richly illustrated stories by artists such as Oliver Jeffers, Lisbeth Zuserger, Celestino Beatty and Janusz, including classics such as “Little Polar Bear” and “Rainbow Fish” and lesser-known ones such as “Frida Kahlo and Her Animals” by Monica Brown and John Barra. And of course “Florian and Tractor Max,” written and illustrated by Bennett Schroeder.

The story takes place on a farm. Work that requires great physical strength is done by the horse Florian. One day, a tractor named Max is put in front of him, who does everything in record time, refuses all offers of friendship, and thus gets into trouble that only Florian can save. Schroeder’s portraits portray it in a surreal, somewhat dreamlike way, shortened to the basics and full of emotion. And in their case too, the volume fulfills its purpose: one wants to see more of all the artists out there.

“Gang picture book”. The best stories from 60 years of NorthSouth. NordSüd Verlag, Zurich 2021. 320 pages, hardcover, €25. from 6 years old

I don’t, it’s too stupid for me

“Reisenglobrik is looking for a friend,” says the newspaper, “True friendship and decent treatment is a requirement!” What is meant to be, Globeric, cannot be made clear in the family of the young boy Gliwy, that even a phone call to the zoo brings her no new knowledge. Gleewe is even more disappointed when the “Giant Globerick” arrives in a small package. All that is expected of him to eventually grow up, he now tries on his new friend, but to no avail. Only the photocopier takes it literally, and Globerik grows to a stately size.

Janusz’s comedy series about the eloquent little man and his furry friend was originally published in 5 volumes between 1973 and 1975, and how the freethinker Globerich broke into Gliwy’s life, shaped by convention, and bears all the hallmarks of the spirit of it. time. When the boy, enthusiastic about Western cults in the cinema, drags Globerick into the cinema and is constantly concerned about male stereotypes, his friend falls asleep in front of the screen. He does not want to be a sailor, but rather a musician, and for him the party of dreams is more beautiful than the real one. What everyone agrees on is not his, and he likes to undermine expectations with the phrase “I’m so stupid” in all respects.

Now Little Tiger Verlag has packaged the hard-to-find series into one volume. It hardly corresponds to today’s comedic habits. But if you participate, you will get to know Janosch from a wonderful side.

JJ: “Globrix.” Little Tiger Verlag, Gifkendorf 2021. 288 p., Hardcover, €19.95. from 6 years old

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