10 easy and fun ideas for kids ages 3 and up

Crafting is fun every season! If you are looking for a creative activity for your kids, you can use simple household items like cardboard tubes and bring beautiful creations with them. We’ve rounded up some adorable summer craft ideas that are sure to be a hit with kids ages 3 to 10. Check out our ideas for crafting with toilet paper rolls this summer!

Summer Crafts for Kids: Cute Sea Creatures

Summer is the time of the sea and the beach. For this reason, sea creatures are always a good idea for crafts in the hot season. But what aquatic creatures can kids make out of toilet rolls? Here are some ideas and tips for crafting.

Fish make things out of toilet paper rolls

Cut toilet paper rolls fish instructions

To make some colorful fish crafts, you must first cut the cardboard tubes into the correct shape. First, flatten the roll and cut a round shape from one end. Then on the other end, cut out two triangles that make up the tail. Then paint the paper rolls in the desired color and decorate them with sequins or small circles of tissue paper to form fish scales. Glue two eyes on each side and two cardboard fins on the back and belly. The fish are then ready for fun summer games or for a small fair.

Making crab from toilet paper roll

Make a crab out of a cardboard tube.  Idea for children aged 3 years and over

Crafting with toilet paper rolls doesn’t require any special skills or step-by-step instructions. All you need is a good idea and some commercially available materials such as colored paper, pens, and scissors.

Crab is one of the most interesting sea creatures for kids and makes a great craft idea for summer. Cover the toilet paper with red paper and make the other parts out of the same paper. Let the child complete the crab by gluing all the pieces in place.

Cute octopus as a craft idea for toddlers

Make squid from toilet paper roll in summer

All kids love cute octopus! It is currently very popular as a plush toy, but you can also make a cute one out of a toilet paper roll. To do this, simply draw the scroll and cut the lower half into eight pieces to create the arms. Finally paint or paste the dots and draw a cute face.

Frog messing around with toilet paper

The idea of ​​frog crafts for kids as a toy

Whether you want your kids to enjoy paper crafts or explore their creative side, this frog craft using toilet paper rolls is for them!

The most beautiful days of summer are the ones when our little ones enjoy the outdoors. And there is nothing better for fun outdoor adventures than a cute little frog to accompany you!

This craft project is really easy. You can either wrap the paper roll in green construction paper or paint it green. Then use a staple gun to staple one end of the toilet paper roll to form the body of the frog. Cut a long thread and secure it to the bath roll. Cut a strip of red paper and stick it inside the reel. Add the eyes, arms and legs of the frog and tie the tie.

Turn a toilet paper roll into a mermaid

Mermaid with children crafts in summer

The mythical mermaids are also among the most recognizable underwater creatures. Every little girl wants to be a mermaid and swim with a mermaid tail. This craft idea will not turn your princess into a mermaid, but it will create a beautiful game for summer games. Make all the pieces out of colored construction paper and turn your cardboard tube into a beautiful mermaid.

Bees messing with toilet paper rolls

Bees make crafts using toilet paper rolls as a fun summer activity for kids

In the summer, bees and other insects are perfect for fun craft projects. Transform your bundled toilet paper rolls into these bumblebees equipped with bubble roll wings. This is a quick and easy summer craft idea for kids. All it takes is paint, building card, and bubble wrap – all items you might already have in the house.

cute cactus crafts with cartoon tubes

Make your own cactus from toilet rolls, big and small

Cacti and succulents are a beautiful and easy-to-care-for apartment decoration and these toilet roll crafts are sure to brighten up a nursery.

First make a large cactus by cutting a cardboard tube and rounding off the top. A kitchen paper roll is more appropriate here. On the remaining piece, trace and cut 2 arms. Paint all the pieces green and stick the arms in the right places. Make small X marks all over the cactus with white paint, a thin brush, and glue on the wobbly eyes.

For a small cactus, cut off the top of the toilet roll so that the front is round and there is a small strip on the bottom. This way the cactus stands better in the egg cup. Then paint the scroll green and paint the dots or diamonds with white paint. Glue a small ball on top and add eyes if desired. Finally, paint the cups from the egg cartons with light brown paint to look like the pots and put the little cacti in the egg cups.

Make summer fruits out of toilet paper rolls

Fruit crafts with toilet paper rolls in summer

If you’re just looking for a fun activity to spend a rainy summer afternoon, you can use acrylic paints to turn toilet paper rolls into seasonal fruit. Use different techniques and have fun.

Make a pineapple and watermelon from a cardboard tube

Make lemonade glasses in summer

Summer craft idea for kids lemonade glass from toilet roll

You can also make these lemonade cups with the kids using toilet paper rolls for role-play fun. You just have to paint the rolls and put a straw and a cocktail umbrella in them. Fast, easy and fun!

Make colorful lollipops with toilet paper rolls: video instructions

Do your kids love to eat popsicles in summer? Then use a rainy afternoon to make cold food out of toilet paper rolls. It’s really easy and the final crafts are perfect for sales role playing. See the video above for instructions.

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