Four children’s and youth books for the summer

A matter of timing: In John Claassen’s picture book Out of the Blue, he sees an armadillo, a snake, and a turtle at sunset—or he misses it.
Photo: John Claassen/Nord Sud Verlag

A stoic turtle with a hat, a hospitable worm with ulterior motives, a family like space junk and a whole world of infographics for young readers: we offer a picture book, a children’s book, a youth book and a nonfiction book.

DrThree Animals and a Rock in Free Fall: In his new illustrated book, John Claassen uses simple means to deal with coordination questions. Two Brothers in the Queen’s Trap: In her most recent children’s novel, Frieda Nelson does not kidnap orphans Sim and Mo into a wondrous world of evil or need. – What is left when dreams and hopes erupt in the sky with a space shuttle? Erin Entrada Kelly’s new adult book tells the story of a family who behaves like space junk. – How do we live in international comparison? In many charts, a children’s non-fiction book by Mireia Terios and Joanna Casals links the world of Girl Mia with the world of children from other countries.

In this episode of the Books Podcast, we present four books that young readers can pick up over the summer.

“Out of the blue” by John Claassen is published by NordSüd, is 96 pages and costs 18 euros. Recommended reading for children 4 years of age and older.

“Sem and Mo in the Land of the Lindworms” by Frieda Nilsson has been translated from Swedish by Fredrik Buchinger. The book was published by Gerstenberg Verlag, has 400 pages, costs 22 euros, and is suitable for young readers from the age of ten.

The film “The Nelsons are for the stars” by Erin Entrada Kelly was translated from American English by Beate Schäfer, published in the Hanser series on dtv and cost 14 euros. It is suitable for readers aged 12 and over.

The book “Me and the World” by Miria Terius with illustrations by Joanna Casals was published by Kleine Gestalten, has 64 pages and costs 19.90 euros. We recommend it from 8 years old.

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