Hagen has something: The Voice Walk wants to awaken the love of the city

In her vocal career, Tabea Dölker takes a curious look at Hagen. Which terminals the communication designer lights up.

Tabia Dolker says she has lived in Hagen for seven years, and “felt very comfortable here from the start.” The reason why the 37-year-old makes a very special “declaration of love” for the city on Voulmi. The communications designer developed a soundtrack along various locations in the city. Together with her podcast partner Maximilian, she put together an audio tour that aims to be an inspiration for after-work or on-weekend tours.

Financing “Heimat-Scheck” in the amount of 2000 euros

The ‘Hagen hat was’ podcast (also title of the project, which was funded by the €2,000 ‘Heimat-Scheck’ funding program) is now free on www.hagenhatwas.de and in podcast guides on Spotify, Amazon, Google and Apple available.

How would Tabia Dolker describe her listening career? As an outdoor recreational activity for all seasons, “and everything can be carried out completely independently of Corona,” confirms the Hagen resident with his choice. For the approximately 45-minute audio walk, participants only need a smartphone and headphones.

Tapia Dolker was born in southern Germany near Stuttgart, studied in Mainz and later lived in Tübingen and Hamburg. And now in Hagen. The 37-year-old laughs: “Many of my friends and acquaintances have asked me what I like about this city,” you look back, “but I really like being here. At first I lived in the city center, now in Buschey. Everything fits “.

But back to the podcast: her curious look at the city, which she suspects that the original “inhabitants” of Hagen would hardly make it through, is not only entertaining, but also informative thanks to plenty of background and additional information.

From the Municipal Theater to the Theater an der Volmy

The tour begins at the Stadttheater, then leads to the old bunker, then to the Kulturzentrum Kultopia and the Allerwelthaus. Then it passes through the Synagogue and City Hall Gallery and through the Art Quarter. The walk continues over Springe, over Elbersgelände and finally ends at the theater an der Volme.

Tapia Dolker and her friend Maximilian conversed with explanatory and sometimes amusing texts.

The idea for the podcast came to her about a year ago, but it would have taken her a while to complete. “I was able to use the funding to pay supporters, eg people who were interested in the amendment. And to print postcards,” says Tabia Dolker. She volunteered herself as part of the project.

Hagen figures are available as postcards for free

Speaking of postcards: she had 500 copies of all four illustrations showing Hagen’s motifs and one picture printed; These are available free of charge in public areas (among others in the Art Quarter, at the City Library in Springe and at the tourist information on the M 12).

Will there be another outing in the near future that leads to the outskirts of Hagen? “Let’s see how the residents of Hagen receive the first march and whether there is renewed funding,” says Tapia Dolker.

By the way: a graphic of the route and all the addresses and other additional information that appears while listening online can be found at www.hagenhatwas.de/audiowalk

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