Bed bugs: how to identify an infestation

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Bed bugs are small bloodsucking parasites that are increasingly common in Germany despite good hygiene conditions. They are originally from Asia and they are classic followers of civilization. The joy of world travel plays its part in their hands. So it is no wonder that disease-causing pests are often present from vacation pulls home. Sitting on cushions Planes, hotel rooms, coaches and cruise ships or train cars. That’s why they worldwide It can now be found almost all over the world. Contrary to what its name might suggest, bed bugs are not only found in beds or upholstered furniture. They live in almost all textiles, such as carpets, clothing, dog and cat beds, towels or curtains. It is not infrequent that they also sit in bird nests, horse stables, or with other animals with which we have direct or indirect contact. They are even found in caves on bats.

Parasite in bed: bugs rarely come on their own

The Layla Bed bugs are small in size with a body length of 3.8-5.5 mm, but they are always moderately occur fall appear. Bed bugs do not come alone. Once bed bugs have identified a suitable host animal or profitable human for their suckling, they secrete special attractions. Quickly attract other bed bugs.

Bed bugs have an elongated and somewhat flattened body. This is an adaptation of their “home” to hide in dry cracks, crevices and scars in textiles or upholstery during the day. Bed bugs have largely specialized in humans and their animals as hosts. If you’re cocky, you can up to ten minutes It takes. take error up to seven times his weight on me. Bed bugs live up to six months. Females are able Lay up to 12 eggs each day.

This excellent adaptation of parasites makes it difficult for us to detect vampires. If you find an insect in bed, it collides with a special secretion with you specific perfume Out, indicating other bed bugs must flee. Moreover, the animals do not mind even cooler temperatures and four weeks of food shortages. lure him By the way, bed bugs are about to our breath.

Identification of bed bugs: How to identify an infestation

In the end, one can detect an infestation of bed bugs in their home by looking at the itchy bites, which can often be found in a cascading line on the areas of the skin that are revealed at night. The insect sucks blood after a bite, then moves a little and bites again. This is how a classic is born bite pattern on the skin in class. Subsequent scratching can cause dermatitis. Also, bed bugs can Viruses And the dangerous bacteria Transfer. Altogether it can already 28 different pathogens Found in bed bugs. Among other things, pathogens Lever Inflammation And the human immunodeficiency virus.

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Aromatherapy in the room strangely sweet, This could be a sign of a severe bed bug infestation. Could be the smell Attractive secretion Be a bed bug. Moreover, if there is a bed bug infestation, the room can smell like coriander, fruit or bitter almond. This concludes the warning secretion of bed bugs.

Even with targeted and intense research, you will hardly spot bed bugs because they hide themselves so well. Small, dark pellets usually indicate infection. This is animal dung. Traces of blood on the sheets indicate bed bugs crashing while you sleep. basically Feel bed bugs in Unsanitary conditions are more comfortable From a clean environment.

Fighting bed bugs: often only pesticides can help

To prevent bed bug infestation, clothes should be cleaned immediately after the flight Wash at 60 degrees will. If you discover an infestation of bed bugs in your home, there are special chemical agents to get rid of the parasites. Ideally, this should be decided in advance by a specialized exterminator.

If you live to rent, you should The owners are involved in deciding how to eliminate bed bugs. The extermination company will use appropriate pesticides given the spatial structure and density of the animals’ hiding places. There are special sprays, sticky traps and powders for this. It can also be combated by significantly increasing the room temperature.

at constant temperature 55 degrees over a longer time Insects, larvae and eggs can die. Conversely, infected textiles can be left in the freezer 19 degrees below zero destroyed over a long period of time. Editing with steam cleaner It can help get rid of upholstered furniture and bed bug beds. mattresses Everything must be perfect to prevent injury exchanged from five to eight years will.

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