‘Previous Tour of Hope’: Charity cyclists pedal to children with cancer

Message from 01.08.2022

For two years, the Corona pandemic has also slowed cyclists from benefiting from the “VOR-TOUR der Hoffnung”. But now you can look forward to the August days when the anniversary tour, which was canceled in 2020, finally begins its 27th year. Starting on August 7. From then until August 9th, people will be going strong and collecting donations.

Starting August 7, many charity cyclists will finally be able to raise funds for children with cancer again. (private pictures)

Waldbreitbach / District. Exemplary citizens, athletes, politicians, managers and famous doctors are once again pressing hard on children who suffer from cancer and need help. Many towns, communities, and localities want to work hard to ensure that the 50-minute stay becomes a “Fest for Help.”

Itinerary and stopover locations:
The 340-kilometre bike ride with an attractive elevation difference begins with an 85-kilometre introduction on August 7 in Cologne on the grounds of the Amsterdam Strasse Children’s Hospital. Other stops on this day are: Bunsberg Castle, Troisdorf, Brüll and Cologne Cathedral.

Stops are scheduled for Bornheim, Bonn (Old Town Hall and Post Tower), Rheinbach, Auerler, Senzeg and Bad Presig on Monday 8 August. Daily goal with a
The big event is the central square in Koblenz.

There will certainly be many interesting encounters with children, adults and spectators waiting on Tuesday 9 August in Niederbieber, Waldbreitbach, Neustadt / Wied, Buchholz / WW and at the historic Engerser Castle.

Amazing parachute jumps
Former world bar champion Eberhard Ginger (Ginger somersault) and long-time member of the German Bundestag ensures stunning parachute jumps every day – especially in Troisdorf, Brühl, Senzig, Koblenz, Waldbreitbach and Ingres.

Social commitment:
But what good is such a bike tour without the visitors at the start, the stops and finishes and the typical commitment of clubs, city councils, municipalities and other local groups. “With the 25th Tour Beneficial Bike, we want to set an example that humanity does not freeze to death and that intense cooperation in favor of children can be sustainable,” said Jürgen Grunwald, president of the organisation.

Grandiose opening night at Maritim in Cologne
Of course, the anniversary tour also includes a similar kick-off event
Many great music performances and fascinating and attractive dance performances
Raffle Awards (holiday and city trips, quality prizes, helicopter sightseeing flights, balloon rides over the Elbe Valley, and much more. Big Maggas, Steven Alan, Weibern Chaos Orchestra, Cologne Youth Choir St. Stephen, Funky Marys, Oliver Mager, they’re all there, the Koelner Rainfuelschen and the Kollner Paulingen dance troupe, and Sebastian Bellingen will be the moderator.Cologne evening on August 6 at the Cologne Maritime – is a must.


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