dm with 700 pickup stations, Rewe risks the end of the prospectus, Amazon delivers from local stores. ›Website insiders

dm with 700 pickup stations, Rewe risks the end of the prospectus, Amazon delivers from local stores.

From Florian Tres On August 02, 2022 in News

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In Germany, about 11 million tons of food ends up in the garbage each year. Lidl wants to put an end to this and is now offering a so-called “rescue bag” nationwide. The paper bag, weighing up to five kilograms and costing a standard €3, contains various types of fruits and vegetables that usually cannot be sold due to damaged packaging or visible reasons. Wonderful approach. More news from the trade as always in the newsletter.

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In the company, many employees are often involved in signing documents. This can be time consuming and complicated. You are better off in your company with a digital signature. It is not only faster, but also safer. Especially in the current times, when many are working from home, it is a real advantage if you work with digital signatures in your company. The advantage is that you can put a digital signature on documents that will be sent via email.

DM with 700 pick up stations, Fresh Post insolvent, Lieferando tests its food service

pharmacy chain d m It plans to open around 700 branches by the middle of next year Pick-up stations to equip. All purchases ordered by customers via the Mein dm app or via the online store as express pickup or delivery to the DM Market can then be made easily, contactless and no waiting times during the working hours of the respective DM Market. Even at the DM pick-up station. dm capture stations can accommodate up to 26 dm commands at the same time. “With dm pickup stations, we combine the consistent shopping experience of our DM stores with the benefits of online ordering,” says Sebastian Baer, ​​as Managing Director in charge of Marketing and Purchasing.

Hamburg food delivery service changed in mid-May new mail Owned and taken over by the Footprint Club of Berlin. However, at the end of July, Fresh Mail filed an application to open insolvency proceedings. The seven-year-old company points to a failed deal as the cause, Grunderszen reports. According to preliminary insolvency officer Finn Peters, this means the new owner of the Footprint Club. The insolvency official cannot at this time say why the planned acquisition did not take place. The report says Fresh Post has not yet given up and is now negotiating with other companies that have expressed interest in acquisitions in the past.

Delivery platform Wolt has completed testing with its food service in Berlin when the restaurant delivery service begins Leverando Similar test balloon: Under the name Lieferando Express, the company in Berlin now offers supermarket products that are delivered within 25 to 35 minutes. Lieferando told the supermarket blog that the pilot project is about testing how Lieferando customers receive daily product deliveries. No other locations or expansion of the delivery area are currently planned. Lieferando Express draws on experience from Canada, where a sister company offers a similar service.

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Rewe risks with the end of the brochure, eBay with a new campaign

Surprised last week repeat The industry with the fact that it no longer wants to offer print publications as of July 1, 2023. Retail researcher Carsten Kortum of DHBW Heilbronn warned, even if sustainability is an understandable and “highly commendable” justification, there is a risk that customers won’t be able to play with it. Along with his colleague Stefan Roschen, he spoke to the university’s commerce blog about the meaning of the move. They both fear that Rewe will in no way reach all customers interested in communicating the show through digital channels, advertisements in newspapers, etc. Meanwhile, Rewe launched its new #umdenkbar sustainability campaign.

ebay germany Launches a new advertising campaign under the slogan “You are part of something big when you shop from the little ones”. Accordingly, small retailers are the focus of the campaign. The company said in a press release that by purchasing from convenience stores, buyers can support people who have turned their passion into a career and want to build and expand their online business. At, consumers can purchase products exclusively from eBay convenience stores from the start of the campaign.

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Tiffany’s sells NFTs, while Amazon delivers from local stores

American jeweler Tiffany & Co. One-of-a-kind sells out for the first time on Friday NFT . group called NFTiff. 250 individual digital coins are sold for 30 ETH (ETH) each. This is currently equivalent to $50,000 (€48,300). This makes the group the most expensive public sale in NFT history. The NFTiff is aimed at those collectors who own a token from the CryptoPunks NFT pool. These are 10,000 randomly generated pixel art faces. It is considered one of the first and hyped NFT groups. In addition to their NFT, buyers will also get their own CryptoPunk NFT contract with gems for 30 ETH.

Rolling in the United States Amazon It launched a new affiliate program that traditional stores can use to sell their merchandise through Amazon and have Amazon drivers deliver them to customers on the same day. For launch, the service is available to Prime customers in metro areas of Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Miami, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Seattle and Washington, DC, where launch partners are stores of PacSun, GNC, SuperDry And the diesel. Some stores also offer an option via Amazon so that customers can pick up online orders themselves at the store.

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