Fehri Yardim: Girlfriend, Children, Parents, Films, Crime Scene & Co.

Fahre Yardim he is german turkish the actorThrough the TV series “King of Kreuzberg” became known. His great achievement came along Til SchweigerWhen he got a role in Sunday Crime “Crime scene” took over. As well as his comedy series “Fools.” It is a huge success. He is also currently a candidate in the ProSieben competition program “Who’s stealing the show?” to see.

  • Does he have one? Girlfriend And the children?
  • in which Movie Have you already played?
  • What is its height origins?

We took a closer look at Fehri Yardim. All information from his site fathers and mothers even him age You can find it here.

Fehri Yardim on profile: age, height, place of residence, Instagram

All the facts about the actor at a glance:

  • family name: Fihri Ogun Yardim
  • profession: Actor, voice actor
  • birthday: August 07, 1980
  • age: 41 years
  • star sign: Lion
  • Size: 1.81 m
  • place of birth: Hamburg
  • residence: Berlin
  • Marital status: emotionally
  • Children: daughter
  • Instagram: fahri_yardim

Fahri Yardim participates in “Who Steals the Show?” 2022

Fahri Yardim takes from August 02 2022 Participate in the competition program “Who Steals the Show?” ، candidates Ole Schulz, Neelam Farouk and the wild card winner. in several the exams Then the candidates fight for main moderation next broadcast. After each winning level, the candidate has to leave the show. In the final match, Goku Winterscheidt meets the last remaining person in a head-to-head duel. Whoever then manages to beat Joko wins the moderation of his show on ProSieben and can tailor the show according to his own ideas. Then Goku himself becomes a candidate.

Fehri Yardim: Girlfriend of Beatrix Scherf and her children

Fehri Yardim protects him Private life as much as possible. He explained to “Abendzeitung”: “My private life is very important to me! Of course I am flattered that others are interested in it. But by protecting this private space, I also protect myself from becoming immersed in alienation and perhaps ultimately excellence.” It is well known that Beatrix Sheriff He is in a relationship who works, according to Gala, as an artist director and is said to be his PR agent. This became clear in February 2016 A few For the first time at the premiere of “Tschiller: Off Duty”. Meanwhile, a small one also belongs girl To the special happiness of Fehri Yardim and his partner. This one was born in the spring of 2017.

What is known about the father of Fehri Yardim

Fahri Yardim was born on August 7, 1980 in Hamburg and raised there. for him fathers and mothers However, they migrated from as a student turkey to Germany. Universe dad Ultimately as a teacher while he Mother became an artist.

Films of Fehri Yardim: “Men’s Hearts”, “Honey in the Head” and Co.

After various TV works, Fehri Yardim appeared on the big screen in 2005: In Kebab Delivery Play the role of the hero’s best friend. Only a short time later he took office “Where’s Fred?” His first role alongside the actor Til Schweiger. This acquaintance finally gave his career a huge boost: Schweiger signed him in his blockbuster “Rabbits without ears”. From this point on, Fahri Yardim was repeatedly engaged in roles in Schweiger’s productions. So he played roles in comedies “1½ Knights – In Search of the Wonderful Herzland”in “Men’s Hearts” And the “Cocoa”In a thriller and action movie, “Guardian Angel” and in “honey in the head”.

Here you can see a selection of files MoviesIn which Fehri Yardim actually played:

  • 2004: “Kebab Delivery”
  • 2006: “Where’s Fred?”
  • 2007: “No Ear Bunnies”
  • 2008: “Chico”
  • 2008: “1½ Knights – In Search of the Gorgeous Herzelinde”
  • 2009: “Men’s Hearts”
  • 2011: “Cocoa”
  • 2011: “Men’s hearts…and a very, very big love”
  • 2012: “Guardian Angel”
  • 2014: “Everything Is Love”
  • 2014: “Honey in the Mind”
  • 2016: “Tschiller: Off Duty”
  • 2017: “Youth Without God”
  • 2018: “Cut”

Fahri Yardim on TV: “Taturt” and “The Fools” and their partners.

Fehri Yardim finally got his achievement in 2013 with his role in the crime series “Crime scene”. He plays the Hamburg Commissioner alongside Til Schweiger Yalcin Gummer. The first episode of the duo has had the highest ratings in the show’s history since 1993. To date, ARD has filmed a total of six episodes with the actor.

Since 2017, Fehri Yardim has also played his role in the comedy series “Fools.”. However, this caused quite a stir and divided the comic nation like no other. “We are showing the abyss that few in Germany would dare to undertake,” Fahri Yardim told Stern in 2021. Nevertheless, the series was a complete success, having already received several national awards.

Here you can see a selection of files series And the RowsIn which Fehri Yardim actually played:

  • 2005: “King of Kreuzberg”
  • 2007: “Harbor Edge Emergency Appeal”
  • 2008: “Turkish for Beginners”
  • 2009: “Police 110 Call: The Wrong Father”
  • 2010: “Cobra 11 Alert – Highway Police”
  • 2011-2020: “Crime Scene”
  • 2013-2014: “Cop Stories”
  • Since 2017, “The Fools”.
  • 2018: “Berlin Dogs”
  • 2020: “From the Diary of an Uber Driver”
  • 2021: “The Opponent”

Fehri Yardim: fortune

Due to his great success as an actor, it is highly probable that Fehri Yardim has amassed quite a fortune in recent years. According to dasvermoegen.com, it should be a estimated value from around 2.2 million euros king.

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