FF7 Remake only has 3 parts – and that could have big implications for the story

How do the developers plan to tell the whole story in just three parts? (Photo: Square Enix)

The new version of Final Fantasy 7 will be split into three parts – and that could really be a problem. Because the first part of the Remake series didn’t even begin to tell enough of the story for that account to succeed. Did the developers miscalculate?

Note: Spoilers follow both Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

After the final reveal of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake project, we know that the story will be told in three games and the next part will be called Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

On the other hand, most fans should be happy that the entire story should be no more than three parts and thus compressed into about a decade (no thinking with increased life expectancy).

FF7 Remake, on the other hand, only narrated about 15 percent of the original. For the next two games, that either means they have a lot of catching up to do, and so they can’t go into as much detail as the first part. Or it means that the story will be completely different and not many of the original events will occur.

Tetsuya Nomura’s hints and the stunning ending of FF7 Remake suggest the second option. After all, Claude and his companions defeated the diary – the guardians of fate – and thus opened the possibility that the plot could take a completely different path from its original one.

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who may be excluded

For now, let’s say the remake project tries to more or less faithfully retell the original story. Since this is impossible with the same attention to detail as in FF7 Remake in only three parts, the sections of the original game must be deleted or combined. What could it be?

The first thing that comes to mind is a world map. In FF7, you spend a lot of time going from A to B and sometimes looking for clues to advance the story. This part may be omitted completely in the next two parts as you move between different locations via fast travel.

In connection with this, dungeons can fall victim to scissors. For example, not much happens around the Gongaga reactor (even if the path over the partially destroyed bridges is very atmospheric), in the cave at Cosmo Canyon or when crossing Mount Gaea. In retrospect, digging in Bone Village or searching for the key to a forgotten city in a submarine seemed more like filling missions.

The world map can be deleted to tell the story more intensely.

The world map can be deleted to tell the story more intensely.

A tighter narrative is required

FF7 also contained some storylines that could be told in a more condensed way.

For example, there is the Golden Bowl that we visit twice in ancient history. At the first turn, our squad was blamed for killing several people and were exiled to the mysterious prison valley below. The only way out is to win the chocobo race.

The second time around, the gunsmith’s guide leads us to the golden saucer to get the Keystone to the Black Materia from director Dio. After this is accomplished on the battlefield, here takes place the famous encounter with one of the group members. This is more compact and can be summed up in one visit, especially since the battlefield scenario is already addressed in FF7 Remake.

Originally, the gold plate swung back and forth.  That's shorter!

Originally, the gold plate swung back and forth. That’s shorter!

In our opinion, the subsequent mission to recover the Four Great Materials (especially Fort Condor) could also be shortened. While the mission has lag moments for Cid and Barret, it doesn’t add much to the plot apart from that and feels like a career until Cloud wakes up from his coma.

Additional items from the assembly

After all the spin-offs, the story of FF7 no longer stands alone. The group just introduced a lot of elements and storylines that you should be familiar with in the remake trilogy.

First there’s Yuffie and Vincent. In FF7, they were optional characters that didn’t really add to the story. However, both characters later become significant figures in the FF7 universe – Vincent has received his own game with Dirge of Ceberus, Yuffie with her Episode INTERmission DLC in the remake.

Both will surely be incorporated into the story remake trilogy. Wutai’s side quest should be mandatory and significantly expanded, while Vincent’s dark past, which is also linked to Sephiroth’s origin, will occupy significantly more space.

Yuffie and Wutai's plot will take much longer.  On the other hand, what will happen sooner?  © Square Enix

Yuffie and Wutai’s plot will take much longer. On the other hand, what will happen sooner? © Square Enix

Add to that the whole plot surrounding the Deep Ground organization and antagonists Weiss, Nero and Genesis, who are introduced in either Dirge of Ceberus or Crisis Core. The optional dungeon in the new release and the INTERmission episode proves that these items also find their way into the story and are told here.

However, since the plot needs to be condensed rather than expanded, we can assume that the new elements of the compilation will be cleverly connected to the original story and should play a larger role.

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It is inevitable to change the story

After the end of FF7 Remake, it is doubtful that subsequent events from the original will be retold one-to-one in the Remake Project.

Perhaps one of the biggest distractions is Sephiroth’s realization of his own death in the original. He is trying with all his might to change the fate of the world. What is his new plan? Will the notes come back? Will the fate of the main characters change for the better or for the worse?

Then we still have Zack. Surprisingly, in the remake you watch the hero survive in an alternate timeline and reach Midgar! What is this parallel universe and how will live Zack affect the further course of the story?

Zack is back!  This will have a huge impact on the plot!  © Square Enix

Zack is back! This will have a huge impact on the plot! © Square Enix

Will the avalanche play a bigger role given that at least Bigs Wedge survived this time?

All of these points – along with additions from the compilation – should be clarified and promise a major change or even an early end to the original story.

The fact that the remake project includes only three games confirms that future changes in the story should be massive. Perhaps Rebirth more or less sticks to the original story, while the third game takes its own development and has little to do with the original.

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