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“My Bayern” is the name of the column written by legendary SPORT BILD reporter Raimund Hinko, which deals with the German record champions. Hinko has been with Munich for decades.

Dear sports journalists,

It’s usually not appropriate to always know everything better than your colleagues – and certainly not to criticize them too highly.

But now I can’t do anything else. I’m not ashamed of my blunt words either, because my co-stars Walter M. Stratten and Alfred Draxler recently had a spat on BILD TV Sundays from 9am (“The State of the League”) (“You’re talking bullshit!”, “And you’re talking crazy!” ).

But the biggest bullshit now came from my colleagues, who report on Bayern Munich because, blinded by the Munich spending frenzy (shopping frenzy I mean positively), they regularly form dream teams. Or the so-called dream of a dwarf.

It was packed with Tels, Gravenberchs, Mazraouis, de Ligts, Manés (rightly) and even Sanés (although Leory Sané has been pretty much out since last season). As if God had rained on the world’s untouchable stars like Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Kevin De Bruyne and Karim Benzema over Sabiner Strasse.

There was only one name I had never read, though I looked for it with a magnifying glass just like looking for a needle in a haystack. Except for my own articles, this name never appeared again, not even as a replacement. Everyone has forgotten him, and even worse: they no longer think he is capable. Yes, you guessed it, dear regular readers – I talk and write about the beauty of Musyala.

Jamal Musyala convinced in the Super Cup against RB Leipzig

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And now – after the 19-year-old (in other cases one speaks prematurely of a child prodigy) has scored an impressive 1-0 goal in 5-3 in the Super Cup against cup champions RB Leipzig, even more cleverly 2-0, 3 -0 Get ready, they all have to back off, Julian Nagelsmann, who spoke of ‘world class’, should quote a week before ‘fantastic’, when Pep Guardiola was in the USA after Man City’s 1-0 win over Bayern at the same time. supersupermusiala” in silence.

Hopefully Harry Kane could have seen the Super Cup final, and he could have learned what team play looks like. Yes, that’s Harry Kane from Tottenham, who is said to be threatening Bayern as the new signing of Robert Lewandowski.

Yes, that’s how fast it is. Out of sheer greed for new names in the already turbulent, and overburdened transfer business, some colleagues have to put up with the accusation that, unlike Nagelsmann, they go not to performance, but to transfer sums. And there is a flaw in Musiala that it only cost €200,000, to put it mildly, “a ridiculous €200,000”, when the Stuttgart national came from Chelsea in 2019 to Bayern’s youth (under 17).


No clear penalty was given!
Wembley video scam

Source: ARD

Back when today’s Chelsea sporting director Hasan “Brazo” Salihamidzic refused because he wanted Callum Hudson-Odoi and got Musiala as a waste product, it is now a stroke of luck for Nagelsmann and Salihamidzic together. Regardless of the position. Whether in the attacking midfield in the role of playmaker, whether on the wings or in the defensive midfield as the six, as in the last championship season. Or even as a second point – I see young Johan Cruyff in front of me.

Let’s leave Nagelsmann, who has proven to have a good instinct, out of the equation. Ralph Rangnick, for me, one of the most well-known co-commentators in years, spoke on Sat1 that “Musiala is already complete.” Even better: “Of course Nagelsmann will take it easy too. But when it comes to getting the top eleven involved, Musiala is there.”

Nagelsmann’s new 4-2-2-2 system also has a huge advantage: he no longer has to use the notorious three defenses. Alphonso Davies no longer has to play ruthlessly offensively on the left, which makes it (surprisingly) more dangerous.

I apologize in advance, dear newcomers to Bayern Munich, for the clear words. Of course you are all huge talents. The example of Marcel Sabitzer proves that in this club it sometimes takes a whole year before you get used to it, before you can really perform.

Only between them, in every decade at most, there is an exceptional footballer. Someone like Jamal Musiala, who will not soon call him “Bambi”. Thomas Muller, the inventor of this nickname, also noticed that his deer legs were no longer very skinny. Musiala also gained muscle. Without losing its speed, its serpentine quality.

And one more thing that was notable in Leipzig: Musiala and Muller (M&M) were barely replaced before Bayern faltered, and suddenly Red Bull got wings and scored three goals.

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