Nancy Pelosi and the Taiwan question

The most explosive rides are the ones that officially don’t even exist. Malaysia, South Korea, Japan and Singapore are on the tour schedule of Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Speaker of the US House of Representatives. All in the strict spirit of security, economic partnership and democratic governance in the Indo-Pacific region.

But news has arrived that Pelosi – the highest-ranking US political visitor in 25 years – wants to visit Taiwan today and meet Taiwanese Prime Minister Su Tsing-chang on Wednesday. Is it coming, isn’t it?

This turns the trip into a political issue: On the other hand, the United States wants to promise the democratic island all help, if only to avoid appearing as the “paper tiger” that Beijing mocks.

On the other hand, they also accept the “one China policy” of the country, including Taiwan. A spokesman for the Red People’s Republic of China immediately said Pelosi’s visit was a “blatant interference in China’s internal affairs.” The People’s Liberation Army “will not stand idly by” and China “will certainly take resolute and decisive measures to safeguard our sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Conflict expert Gerhard Schroeder was talking about “sword races”. We agree with Confucius: “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

Outgoing CEO Frank Masteau, 58, of Karlsruhe state energy group EnBW demonstrated a sense of renewable energies. After the nuclear shutdown, he corrected the course. Now, after Vladimir Putin’s energy weapons campaign with his proprietary tool, Gazprom, he’s hinting at minor corrections once again. In the Handelsblatt interview, the director said about…

  • Exit from nuclear phase-out: We have shown the federal government what is technically possible. We will be prepared for such an ongoing temporary operation if it is required. Much electricity can no longer be extracted from the remaining nuclear power plants.”
  • Supplying nuclear power plants with fuel elements: “I can only say that to Nyckarwestheim, and it took weeks, not months. Whether and how much that helps us is something the federal government should examine and decide on the basis of a stress test. If you want to change the fuel elements to gain more time, it will be That’s a deeper intervention than a stretch.”
  • Robert Habeck’s suggestion to take shorter baths: “I find it misplaced when examples like these are sometimes rotten. We definitely need to save energy where we can. There is still a lot that needs to be done – without losing quality of life.”

At times like these, the term “wimp” is no longer a weak satire, but a harsh rebuke.

Cars and luxury real estate: Homes are the wealth of Germans in particular.

(Photo: Andreas Hub/laif)

With many now talking about impending impoverishment and lost prosperity, an effect of Putin’s strategy of multiple threats that Putin has calculated, the result of the New Wealth study is as surprising as it is encouraging: “Germany is much richer than official statistics show.”

This is written by Thelo Albers of Humboldt University, Charlotte Bartels of the German Institute for Economic Research, and Moritz Schularek of the University of Bonn. First, this is due to the presence of many unlisted companies (some “hidden champions”), which are much more valuable than their book values. And secondly, to the low valuations of real estate – which would be ten trillion euros, not eight trillion.

All of this means that the gap between the middle and upper classes is smaller than assumed – but the gap between the poorer half of the population and the elite is much larger. This is where the social gap widens, also because the rich achieve much higher returns on investment than people of limited wealth. The perpetual diet in interest rates also led to a new class problem.

Real estate group Adler Group, which is fighting allegations with eloquent denial of being a “small wirecard” on balance sheet terms, faces another problem. The Financial Supervisory Authority Baffin acknowledged that Luxembourg subsidiary Adler Real Estate provided incorrect consolidated financial statements as of December 31, 2019. Subsequently, it overvalued a real estate project (“Glasmacherviertel”) in Düsseldorf-Gerresheim by up to €233 million.

The group had crossed the debt level threshold when the bonds were sold, and repayment of up to €1.8 billion would have threatened and with it economic paradise.

It’s unfortunate for Adler that Bafin, who has woken up from the dead, is only talking about “identifying a partial error” – but an audit of the 2019, 2020 and 2021 accounts continues. Conclusion: This clearly falls under the “more to come” category.

Estée Lauder’s advertising front, Ana De Armas, may be marketing new products soon.

(Photo: IMAGO/PA Images)

Cuban-Spanish actress Ana de Armas may soon be able to promote some new products as the face of Estée Lauder’s New York-listed cosmetics line. Her employer wants to make the biggest deal in the company’s history — and buy luxury brand Tom Ford for $3 billion, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The buying company, which offers Clinique, MAC, Jo Malone, Aveda and La Mer, is primarily interested in the cosmetics business for the purpose of acquisition, and investment bank Goldman Sachs is already involved.

The licensing of textiles and fashion (as well as eyewear and handbags) to the company founded by star designer Tom Ford in 2005 will likely continue to be licensed. The luxury business in the United States remains relatively stable, but Estée Lauder’s stock has lost more than 26 percent this year.

When it comes to consolidations (relationships), Simone de Beauvoir had her own views: “Marriage is a duty, and to seize a lover is a luxury.”

Then there is Bavarian Economy Minister Hubert Ewinger of the Liberal Voters, Who doesn’t shout like his CSU prime minister about “Bavaria bashing” by the Northern Traffic Light Coalition as if he’s talking about Franconi sausage, but specifically prefers to help a farmer in the Upper Bavarian community of Vaal.

His cows allegedly left such giant pancakes on the street, and after a resident complained, he was ordered to pay a fine of €100 plus €28.50 processing fee for the cow pie.

The shocked politician first tried the power of free speech: “I can’t take cows to pasture by helicopter and I can’t put diapers on them either.” Then he told himself at the site (“Cow dung is a capable biogas”) and finally gave the reformer: A manure complainer (“Newcomer, it means nothing”) must shovel cow dung to fertilize his garden.

Respect, Marcus Sodder, who is struggling with the campaign theme, can also learn something. However, we can also argue with wisdom from the world of IT data: “The crap comes, the crap comes.”

Have an insightful day, forget the foolishness of the moment.

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