Rheingold in Bayreuth: Children inherit the world

Bayreuth – Be careful, family saga: even in the womb, these two twins couldn’t stand each other! While the high E-flat of ‘Rheingold’ forelimbs rises from the depths of the double bass, the fetuses are already fighting back. Punch in the eye, kick between the legs.

Child abduction means stolen Rheingold

It is the two unequal brothers Tan and Alberich who bear their wounds: a scar on one’s face, and, perhaps, impotence on the other. The Daughters of the Rhine have something to smile about when Alberich, now a tall, white-bearded, late revolutionary, in jeans and a leather jacket, searches for a passionate affair. By the way, they are nannies looking after their children in a swimming pool in front of a desert egg.

One of these is sitting separately, in a yellow shirt and hat. He will soon become the character of Rheingold, and this is the central development of this production by Valentine Schwartz. To steal gold here kidnapping.

The little boy, who suffered from Stockholm Syndrome and went berserk under Alberich’s tutelage, then bullied the girls in an after-school care center in Nibelheim. It is entirely possible that a Dreikäsehoch behavioral problem could develop into Hagen. Hort as a treasure, Hort as a nursing home? Yes, staging also refers to this diminutive double meaning.

And did we actually meet the childish valkyries at this after-school care center? Erda, full-bodied Oka von der Damerau, as the housekeeper, a silent and passive witness to what is happening at clear heights, eventually leaves the gods with one of these girls, who previously had to be payments to the giants . Brunhild?

The future belongs to children

But this is speculation. Guaranteed for the moment: Gold, the ring, means the next generation of black. World Heritage belongs to children. It is for children. They have no rights, anyone can drag them to their side, preparing themselves. This sounds more philosophical and political, and more green and “atmospheric” than what he first heard on the stage of Andrea Cosi.

Have the gods always been sterile in this bitter reality? Can only stolen offspring guarantee the breed’s survival? robbed by whom? This creates tension at first, because you want to know how Black can logically follow through on the idea. But then, there is a lot of unresolved residue and the benefit wanes.

Wieland Wagner began his “Neu-Bayreuth” with the shedding of the old Germanic anarchy – which had the side effect of guiding the discussion away from the Nazi past and back into action. Meanwhile, Watan’s spear was also thrown away, along with Ring and Tarnhelm.

Mythical creatures and gods become human

No longer needed by Schwartz in his interpretation, which leans on a scenic serpentine between passages of text taken verbatim, reinterpreted and also ignored, but also properly swaying. Pistols signify power, and the Donner hammer is a putter. But what if “Episode” is a mini-series about a mafia clan?

Because along with giants, dwarves, and mermaids, the gods here are people like you and me—plus a chubby bank account and the inevitable decadence of tuxedo and striped, of course, as the nobility and wealthy tan would likely be known as the “new rich”. The bookshelves are organized by color, he himself prefers playing tennis and training his biceps.

Singing leaves a lot to be desired

Eagles Selins as Wotan serves as referee, with weak points in Barlando and in depth, and poor delivery – but it’s a surprisingly impressive ending. Linguistic shortcomings were also shown by Olafur Sigurdarsson, who nevertheless, like Alberich, immediately became the darling of the public.

In general, we wish that this premiere did not say anything about the world class of Wagner’s vocals in 2022: in general, people breathe, strain, shout and sway, sometimes even below the required pitch. Most of what one would like to call an expression arises from certain phonemic defects. After all, in his best moments, Sigurdarson shows a powerful baritone capable of expressing suffering.

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Daniel Kirsch, on the other hand, is under constant vocal pressure as Luigi, the quirky Wootan lawyer in a dark blue double-breasted suit, who throws back his long, greasy hair with Cher gestures and laughs unmotivated: an involuntary roughness without any sarcasm. At the conclusion of the rainbow, the declining community of gods looks forward to a modern lamp, while Wutan, dancing on the balustrade, dreams of a great future.

Some things are going well, but not too much

Then Cornelius Meister abruptly slowed down on his earlier speed reading, which was aimed at mathematical flow: in favor of a widespread fanfare. Sure, under his supervision, amazing secondary sounds and automated colors erupt over and over – but at the same time one is amazed at how much wobbles can occur, including real shocks and explosions.

How should this continue with this production, previously circulated as a “Netflix episode”? Sequel follows!

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