The county office issues the “Cat Protection Law” for the city of Laufen – what it means for pet owners

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Leuven – On August 1, 2022, an ordinance will be issued to protect free-range cats in the entire municipality of Leuven. Beyond ranking:

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The Berchtesgadener Land District Office and the City of Laufen support animal welfare and active animal welfare citizens by decree to protect free-living cats.

In the northern part of the county, feral and feral cat colonies, consisting of runaway, abandoned or abandoned domestic cats and their offspring, have been shown to cause great suffering time and time again. The life expectancy of these animals is very short due to the lack of human and medical care and supplies. Common infectious diseases (particularly of the eye and respiratory tract), injuries and malnutrition lead to short life expectancy and great suffering for animals.

In order to be able to control the population in a targeted manner and thus alleviate suffering, free-living cats have already been regularly hunted down by animal protection societies and animal rights activists, given veterinary care, neutered, released back at the capture point and cared for. . This approach is promising.

However, costly commitment does not work in the long term as long as non-segregated animals regularly migrate from the ranks of kept domestic cats and thus maintain the reproductive chain. Unfortunately, it also happens again and again that unwanted offspring of domestic cats are left to their own devices, and this forms the starting point for new colonies of feral cats.

What does the Cat Protection Act mean for cat owners?

All owners of roaming guard cats—that is, cats that are allowed to run unsupervised—must identify their animals with a microchip, register them in the pet registry and neuter them.

Why should free ranger cats be identified and registered?

If a registered and registered free-roaming owner cat is selected as the found animal, then the owners can be identified without any problems. Microchip labeling is modern, uncomplicated, straightforward and, in some cases, mandatory anyway. Correctly tagged and registered animals can be returned to their owners as quickly as possible.

When does the Laufen Cat Protection Ordinance take effect?

The Cat Protection Ordinance for the Municipal District of Laufen enters into force six months after its publication. Thus, the marking, recording and neutering obligation applies from February 1, 2023.

What happens if the landlord does not comply with the regulation?

If, after February 2023, an unneutered owner cat is found by the municipality or a person authorized by it in the protected area, the municipality can order the owner of the cat to neuter the animal. Until the cat owner is identified, the cat can be taken care of by the municipality or someone authorized by it. If it is necessary to enter private or company premises in order to catch a cat, property owners or renters are obligated to bear this and support the municipality or someone authorized by it to gain access to the cat.

If the owner cannot be identified within 48 hours, the municipality can carry out castration by a veterinarian at the owner’s expense.

Who does the identification and castration?

Pet owners can tag and fertilize their free-roaming cats in their veterinary practices.

Where can I get stray cat support on my farm or property?

Please note the offers of local animal protection societies. These campaigns offer free castration of strays in the municipal district of Laufen. Shy animals can be hunted reliably and gently using live traps.

Are exceptions possible?

Exceptions to the castration obligation (eg for breeders) can be approved by the Berchtesgadener Land Veterinary Office upon request.

The Berchtesgadener Land Veterinary Office is asking citizens to actively help protect animals: “Have your cat tagged, registered and neutered. Please also make sure your cat is healthy, vaccinated against the most important infectious diseases and deworming regularly. This way you protect your cat as well as free-living cats. “.

The full code with attachments (including the general map) can be accessed here.

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