Today’s Best Kids Show: “Sesame Street”, “100% Coco” and “Animals to the Roof”

What are the most beautiful children’s programs shown on television today? Find out with our Kids TV recommendations for Tuesday. Watch a children’s show with Nola Kemper, Phillis Lara Lau or Ivy Latimer and have a relaxing time.

Today, Tuesday, we chose five beautiful programs for children Free TV Operating: From 07:45 am a children’s show, a youth film and a family series are shown. And if you’re primarily looking for a children’s show with star cast, today you can try the likes of Anna-Sofie Comer, Eva Dugfestein, Lucy Frey, Volker Konradt, and Valentine Ave. These are the tips of today’s kids.

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Kids Show: “Sesame Street” (7:45 a.m. at Kika)

The German version of one of the world’s most successful and influential children’s programs has been teaching preschoolers to count and the alphabet with the help of hand puppets and entertaining animated films since 1972.

View this kids on kika It takes 22 minutes.

Youth Thriller: “100% Coco” with Nola Kimber and Valentine Ave (11:55 a.m. on KiKa)

Coco’s big passion is fashion – new trends and unusual outfits are your thing. Shows online the latest trends behind the tiger mask under the name “Style Tiger”. When arrogant fellow Amanda claims to be behind “Style Tiger,” Coco must reveal her identity.

Starring Nola Kemper as Coco, Valentine Ave as Bruno, Meryl de Zwart as Amanda, Ferry Beck as Jada, Tom Fendrick as Vince, and Faye Gunther as Holly, this 80-minute youth film from director Tessa Schramm is an 80-minute film from Delicious humor and captivating suspense.

tension: ⭐ humor: ⭐⭐

Family Series: “Animals to the Roof” with Phyllis Lara Lau and Tapia Hug (1:40pm at KiKa)

Dear Beaver: Petra and Jacob at the horse farm are worried. The stream containing the drinking water for their horses nearly dried up. Jan and Polina get to the heart of the problem and discover a beaver lodge – through which the water in the stream is blocked. But beavers are under the protection of nature, and they simply cannot be driven out. In addition, the beaver lodge is located on the land of Grishaber and Vinzenz does not want to help because he is angry with Jakob. A confused situation that only Philip Hansen can actually help.

This family series was created by Pernod Corten with Phyllis Lara Lau as Leonie Brugman, Tabia Hogg as Paulina Kolka, Paulina Schnorer as Lucy Kramer, Giuliano Mariani as Jan Kalkbrenner, and Heiko Deutschmann as Dr. Philip Hansen and Julia Jäger as Helena Brüggemann will entertain for 30 minutes.

Children’s magazine: “pur +” with Eric Meyer (7:25 p.m. at KiKa)

Press the streaming button once and everything will be gone! But where do all these things go? Eric goes to the hidden world of sewers. Two sanitation workers from Hanover need support and take him with them. Can Eric stand the stench? Can he take himself to suck up the accumulated faeces by hand or to clean the grease trap under the canteen kitchen?

This children’s magazine is run by Eric Meyer on KiKa and lasts 25 minutes.

Youth Series: “Mako – Simply Mermaid” with Ivy Latimer and Lucy Fry (8:10pm on KiKa)

The nymph Eric learns from Cam that although the trident is broken, the stone inside is the real magic. Eric tries to convince Zack to find the stone together. He desperately wants to activate the mermaid room. But Zach doesn’t want to know anything about her. He fears that the Chamber’s powers will turn against the mermaids. Eric is searching on his own.

Starring Ivy Latimer as Nixie, Lucy Fry as Lyla, Amy Ruffle as Sirena, Chai Romruen as Zac, Dominic Deutscher as Cam and Gemma Forsyth as Evie, this youth series directed by Evan Clarry is 50 minutes of entertainment. .

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