A wild boar attacked a 10-year-old girl on Cadaques Beach: ARENA

Cadaqués / Catalonia / Spain: Yesterday, a wild boar attacked a 10-year-old girl in Cadaqués Park. The animal came ashore from its natural habitat. The rescue service took care of the slightly injured girl and took her by ambulance to the CAP (Emergency Medical Center) where she was treated. Eventually, she was taken to Figueres Hospital, where she needed stitches. She is now recovering from her injuries at home.

The accident happened around 9:00 pm. The wild boar came down to the beach next to the casino in Cadaqués in front of the Boia Bar and ran around the area. Eyewitnesses reported that a group of four children playing on the beach suddenly panicked when they saw them and ran frightened to their families and towards the park.

One of the girls ran away from the animal, frightened by the children’s cries, fell to the ground and attacked her. The animal’s fangs opened a wound about 20 cm long in the leg area and pulled it away. The creature also left scratches all over its body. As a result of the accident, the local police in Cadaques and an ambulance from the SEM were called.

This event caused a great shock among vacationers in the area and among the local population. The minor was cared for by rescuers who took her to CAP after the sting and fear she had experienced. She was later taken to Figueres Hospital to complete examinations and sew up the wound.

This issue has been criticized by many residents and people who are in Cadaques these days. They regret the overpopulation of wild boars and the fact that they are allowed to roam the city. This is not the first time that a wild boar has been seen on the beach and has even managed to swim in the water. Cadaqués ask hunters to help fight a plague of wild boars in the middle of the city. According to Bweohner, they have been spotted on area beaches in recent weeks, and in some cases have taken backpacks of people who have been on the beach.

Overpopulation of wild boars is a problem under control throughout Girona, one of the provinces with the highest concentration of these wild animals, but situations like that in Cadaqués show that they are becoming increasingly accustomed to dealing with humans and often come to towns from the nearest forests in search of about food.

Cadaques Mayor Pia Siriniana denounced the events, saying: “We have spoken to the girl’s relatives and they are very worried because the injury is serious. These animals have fangs that can cause great damage and that’s exactly what happened. The girl is very scared and so are her parents.”

don’t feed
A look at social networks shows that it is not surprising that wild boars roam the center of Cadaqués, one of the main tourist resorts on the Costa Brava and a magnet for visitors in the summer. The mayor said she had a “serious problem” with these animals migrating from the mountains to the city center in search of food and water. One of the main problems is having people feed them: “They don’t know these are wild animals and we from the city government are imposing penalties because there is no other way, but they keep feeding them anyway, and as long as they do if they are in the city, they will keep breeding” . Sirignana admits it is “difficult to control” as there are also a large number of wild boars that are getting closer to the village this summer due to the drought.

return visits
Benjamin Martinez, an acquaintance of the victim’s family, explains that at the time of the attack, the minor was playing with her nephews and nieces and the children’s parents were only a few meters away: “It’s dangerous because we don’t feel safe now, you can’t leave your children away.”

The events took place near Bar Boia. Its manager Alex Rodriguez also stressed that the presence of wild boars this summer has become a problem that recurs night after night, for example, forcing them to always keep their litter inside to prevent them from causing any harm.” He also points out that many visitors “do not understand that These are wild animals not dogs” and they feed them or try to photograph them, which poses a risk. “I don’t know what the solution might look like, but the solution must be found,” he says.

The mayor explained that a coordination meeting with rural representatives will be held this afternoon to search for solutions. She said that they would first try to find the wild boar that attacked the girl. Sirignana indicated that in the winter they carry out raids and a series of measures to control the wild boar population, but now it is more complicated in the summer, mainly due to the high number of visitors in Cadaqués. “After what happened, we must act quickly and take tougher measures,” he adds.

She notes that they will insist on raising awareness: “Perhaps not enough has been done to warn residents that the animals can be dangerous until they realize they are wild animals and therefore should not be fed or approached.”

Meeting with the representatives of the countryside
The rural agents have made themselves available to the city council in case special action is required. Last summer, in cooperation with the local police, searches were carried out in the municipality using remote sedation, and this year raids were carried out in the natural park. In addition, they noted that fishermen in the area also do work in the winter. The rural agents also explain that the force is in the process of forming a special group to capture the animals (which will take over these tasks).

Rural clients insist the same message as the mayor, that animals should not be fed and not approached because they are wild animals and can be unpredictable.

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