Free bike courses for kids and adults

Safe at school
Free bike courses for kids and adults

As part of the municipal campaign “Fahr Rad in Aachen”, young and old must train how to get to school safely on two wheels – also pedaling.

School will start again next week and many children and young people will hop on their bikes to go to school by bike. By doing so, they are not only doing it good for the environment, but also for their physical fitness and independence. A good alternative to the “parent’s taxi”, which takes the children to the school gate and takes them back.

Because: independent and responsible work is part of the development of the child, to strengthen self-esteem. Children moving alone in traffic face challenges. You are responsible for yourself and you have to make your own decisions. This makes you strong and secure.

In order to give children the skills to move safely in traffic, the municipal campaign “Fehrrad in Aachen” of the Department for Urban Development, Planning and Infrastructure for Mobility in Aachen offers various courses.

On the other hand, there are bike courses for primary school children in the afternoons throughout the year, and for primary schools there are traffic lessons with bike training in the morning. On the other hand, primary and secondary schools can participate in the “Course to School” campaign.

The bike ride to school is carried out in small groups. A new offer from the municipality’s campaign is bicycle training with traffic education for young people. After a short refresher on traffic rules, the youth’s skills are tested in the safety room. This is followed by an exit where several points such as an indirect left turn are practiced using practical examples with indication of danger points.

Participation requirements: A walkable bike, a bicycle helmet, and a high-visibility jacket if applicable. All courses are free, but registration is obligatory at

• August 8, 2-5 pm: Cycling training with traffic education for young people, Floriansdorf

• August 9, 2-5 pm: holiday games, bike training for primary school children, Floriansdorf

• August 18, 3-5 pm: Bicycle training for primary school children, Aachenbrand Comprehensive School

• August 31, 3-5:30 p.m.: Bicycle training for primary school children, Floriansdorf

Cycling courses for adults

But the municipal campaign “Fehrrad in Aachen” also offers training programs for adults. Cycling is a good way to stay fit and flexible. This applies to all age groups. The road safety aspect is very important here, because cyclists are largely unprotected in traffic.

More and more cyclists are also turning to pedaling or using a cargo bike. Showcasing cyclists who can ride a bike but feel unsafe and want to update their driving practices, the main objective is to contribute to keeping cycling fun for as long as possible and at the same time prevent traffic accidents.

This two-day course is also an introduction to anyone wanting to learn to ride a bike. In a basic and advanced foot and cargo bike course, participants learn to familiarize themselves with technology using special exercises.

For those who are considering purchasing a Pedelec, Pedelec test days provide a good opportunity to try out different models and participate in a training session at the same time.

• August 10th/11th, 4-7pm: Pedelec test days in Floriansdorf

• August 24, 4-7pm: Pedelec Basic Course in Floriansdorf with your own help

• August 25, 4-7 p.m. Advanced Bidlik Course in Floriansdorf with your Bidlik

• August 31 / August 1 September 4pm-7pm: Adult cycling training in the traffic training area

• September 2, 4-7pm: Cargo Cycle at Lindenplatz

These courses are also free. A binding registration is also required at


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