Help for families and children is now on site

They are delighted with the new external consulting hours of the Child Protection Association’s Educational Counseling Service: Mayor Leanne Seidelmeier (from left), Caritas Board Member Manuela Stefan, Counsellor Cristina Bayar, Chair of Dr. Sandra Scheuer, Erin Fragner and Brigitte Trechel of KSB Osterhofen. − Photo: Schwarzbüzel

When there are constant arguments in the family, parents worry about their children, the child constantly cries or young people suffer from the separation of their parents or from love sickness: then Christina Bayar and Dr. Sandra Scheuer, Head of the Education, Youth and Family Counseling Center at Caritas Deggendorf, appropriate contacts. You are now offering an external consultation with the Child Protection Association in Osterhofen.

Their offer ranges from all questions of nurturing, child development, and counseling for children and infants, to performance disorders at school or emotional problems such as fears, anxiety or depression. Both parents and guardians, as well as children and young people up to the age of 27, can come to the consultation. Sandra Scheuer explains that with the new Child and Youth Protection Act, children can “contact us even without their parents knowing.”

Discussions are free and strictly confidential, regardless of origin or religion and are not limited to a certain number of hours, but take place as needed. This also applies to participants: children or young people are counseled on their own or with parents or siblings. “Every family is different,” says Sandra Scheuer.

It is therefore appropriate that team members have different professional qualifications and can support each other. Dr. Sandra Scheuer is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. As a social worker and above all as a systematic family therapist, Christina Bayar always looks after the whole family and the environment. Because “every show has a reason.” You know: there’s a reason for anger, aggression, truancy, delinquency, addiction.

So it is important to have a low level supply. Counselors work on an outreach basis, which means they also do home visits and therefore now also offer outside counseling hours in Osterhofen. Because the main office in Deggendorf is often difficult to reach for all families, children or young people from the southern region. But the need in Osterhofen is there, Kristina Bayar knows: Since June, she’s been giving counseling sessions, and they’ve been very well received. Especially after Corona, more people need help. Therefore, the consultation times increased by two hours. It is also planned to intensify cooperation with network partners, such as the social office at Kolping House, school social workers, a youth center or kindergarten.

The Child Protection Society (KSB) is the foundation, Mayor Leanne Seidelmeier knows. President Brigitte Tritchel’s insistence paid off. Since 2009, she has indicated the need for a social office, now located in the Kolping house. There is now also a branch office for educational consultancy. The show does not grow for its own sake, but because there is a need, Sedlmeier is sure of the current issues: “What you can intercept now will benefit the community later.”

KSB President Treichl is pleased about the new branch office: it’s a big plus to have experts on site. She can now refer families to a counseling center more easily – hoping that the offer will be accepted for as long as necessary. And for Child Protection Society volunteers, there will be more time in the future to organize shows for children.

The comfortable rooms of the Child Protection Society, also equipped with toys, are better suited for educational advice than sober offices. Treichl sees the external consultation hours as another step towards improving the advice and support structure at Osterhofen. In addition, attempts will be made to reactivate cooperatives and other branch offices that have stopped operating due to Corona.

The provider of educational advice is the Caritas Deggendorf District Association, explains Manuela Stefan, CEO. There is also government funding for educational advice. She thanked the city and the Child Protection Association for the good and uncomplicated cooperation. – gs The external consultation hour for educational advice takes place at the headquarters of the Child Protection Association in Osterhofen every Thursday from 8 am to 2 pm or by appointment. It is absolutely necessary to register by phone in advance Telephone number 0991/2905510.

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