These are the characteristics and traits of an air sign

Libra Weaknesses

  • undefined: Libra takes a lot of time to make important decisions. Before you make any hasty decisions, you want to think about everything calmly. Unfortunately, it’s easy for a Libra sign to overthink everything and get stuck. Making decisions is very difficult for a Libra sign. In personal relationships, Libra likes to keep his counterpart in limbo.
  • influential: Since Libra finds it difficult to make decisions on their own in life and values ​​the opinions of others, they quickly adopt the most popular opinion so as not to cause conflict.
  • breakable: This sensitive zodiac sign does not handle criticism well because it destroys their harmony. Unfortunately, Libra is very self-critical and has high demands on himself. If he does not meet these criteria, then Libra will quickly doubt himself. Conflicts throw the scales, which need harmony, out of the way.
  • in vain: Their aesthetic nature often makes Libra seem arrogant and vain. There is a little vanity in her, because she pays careful attention to her appearance, but this does not make her as arrogant as many think.
  • naive: Libras always try to see the good in others and trust those around them. Unfortunately, Libra is often taken advantage of.

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Typical characteristics of a Libra woman

Hardly any woman would be like that in vain Like a Libra woman. She is eager to look elegant and elegant in every situation – after all, she can meet an important person at any time. No wonder Libra women spend most of their money Fashion, cosmetics and luxury goods spent. Libras want to be admired by others.

The Libra woman also expects good looks from her romantic interests and in partnerships. If her companion came with a loose appearance, she would like to flee immediately. Your partner should too correspond to their understanding of aesthetics. If a Libra woman likes someone, she knows exactly how to use her charms to impress her counterpart.

Typical characteristics of a Libra man

If you look up the term “gentleman” in the dictionary, the attractive Libra man should come up. Hardly anyone can imagine it magic aura Withdrawing, which is why he can hardly save himself from the fans. However, a Libra man finds it difficult to commit to one person – after all, he doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. Once a Libra man has the slightest doubt, he considers other love interests. This is why he tends to flirt with strangers in a partnership.

Libra men have one too Pronounced sense of humor She has a loving and polite personality by nature. They give everyone a chance in life because anything else would be unfair to them. However, if a Libra man is treated unfairly by his fellow human beings, he especially resents them.

This is how you tick the scales in love

Libras are always looking for love. They are born romantics and know exactly how to act on a date in order to be successful. It gives her self-confidence and the aesthetic behavior of Libra Lots of fans. However, its counterpart must meet its high standards – especially in terms of appearance. It may take a while before a Libra agrees to more than one kiss. Everything should fit for that.

In a relationship, Libra needs a partner a lot of confidence admits. Libra loves to show her charm in the presence of the opposite sex. Strong jealousy in a relationship makes Libra run away. Are the same I’m rarely really jealouswhich makes Libra a gentle partner.

These zodiac signs are compatible with Libra

According to astrology, what zodiac signs get along well with Libra in a partnership? Aries, Capricorn, Gemini, Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius? Libra gets along well with a partner in the zodiac sign Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius. Relationships with people under the sign of the zodiac Aries, Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces, Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo It can be tough on the scale.

work balance

People born under the sign of Libra popular colleagues. Thanks to their characteristics, they can work very well in a team and always find a diplomatic solution in the event of a conflict. Libra’s demeanor is always professional, diplomatic, friendly, and fair. Being imprecise is a foreign word for Libra.

Because of their creative streak, Libra is in good hands in professions in which they can express themselves. but also legal professions Compatible with Libra due to their strong sense of justice.

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