Abandoned animals: information and tips for emergency assistance

Each year in the summer months alone, up to 80,000 dogs, cats, exotic animals, rabbits and other so-called pets are abandoned at highway service stations, on remote dirt roads or in the woods. This is the beginning of the martyrdom of animals: they usually suffer from hunger and thirst – and there is also a constant danger of being run over or attacked by other animals. Animals often come from poor grazing, are in a completely neglected state and urgently need help.

Find out here how to identify an abandoned animal and how you can help in such a situation.

Abandoned animals: How to help abandoned “pets” in an emergency

Every day around the world, hundreds of thousands of “pets” are abandoned by owners – mostly left on streets, empty homes and remote areas. Animals are often abandoned during the holiday season and the period after Christmas, when the animals become “disinterested” or “annoying” to their owners when planning their vacation. Additionally, in the context of the coronavirus lockdown, people have decided to take in an animal roommate with above-average frequency since spring 2020.

“Especially during the festive season: keep your eyes open! Dogs are often simply tied up at the side of the road, at train stations or rest stations, and are left behind, and small animals are often abandoned in cardboard boxes. A closer look saves lives.”

Jana Hoeger, PETA Germany

As more and more people go back to their jobs and lose interest in their animal companions or don’t have enough time, the number of abandoned animals is also increasing.

The reckless behavior of goalkeepers leads to suffering, fear and loneliness. Here you will find top tips on how to identify abandoned animals and the best way to help.

The dog gave up – what to do?

When dogs are abandoned, owners often leave them chained to lanterns, poles, and trees in parking lots, rest areas, or other remote locations.

  • If you see a leashed and lonely looking dog, you should Observe for some timeto see if no one really comes back to him.
  • If you have a concrete suspicion that the animal has been abandoned, you should do so as soon as possible police or that Notify your local animal shelter Stay with the dog until help arrives.
  • If life-threatening is suspected, the dog should be examined immediately by a veterinarian. single marks Emergency region Shallow breathing, apathy, absence and Lack of response to external stimuli. Injuries that bleed profusely can also be life-threatening.
  • People inexperienced in handling dogs should use animals Never touchAt worst, panicked dogs can bite when they are frightened or in pain.
  • Recommended within a few meters distance: after soft and calm To talk to the four-legged friendto calm him down. Take care not to stress or panic the animal – care must be taken at all times.
  • Abandoned animals may not simply be transported without notice: in Germany, it is not permissible to transport A discovery will be reportedbecause the right to search applies.
abandoned dog
Dogs are often abandoned, especially during the holiday season.

Abandoned cat – here’s how you can help

If you spot a single cat in a carriage or in a cardboard box, the situation is relatively unambiguous – however, since many cats roam free, it is often not possible to say whether an animal has really been abandoned. It could also be one of two million homeless cats in Germany. If you get close enough to a cat, you can usually tell if a cat has an owner through an ear tattoo. If you are unsure about a cat roaming free and the animal is in poor health, please contact your local Animal Protection Association.

  • If a cat is found in a carton or transport box in a parking lot or rest area, there is a good chance that your cat is an abandoned animal. In that case, tell us local animal shelter or the Police and waitUntil help arrives.
  • Submit to the cat if possible water on, because it is unclear how long she has not been able to drink. If you have one Shallow breathing, absence, and careless behavior Note that it can be one Emergency Act – please leave the cat away immediately veterinary professionals Investigation.
  • Never take a cat with you without reporting a discovery, as the law in Germany applies.

Very scared cats Can bite and scratchIf you feel harassed – if you are not sure about contact with animals, you should be to avoidabandoned cat to touch And wait for help to arrive.

abandoned cat
A cat that has been abandoned does not necessarily look neglected at first glance.

Abandoned little animals: How to help rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and their partners

Small animals such as guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits, as well as mice, rats, and exotic animals are often released in transport cases and crates. It is important to get the animals out of the sun immediately and offer them water, especially in summer temperatures. There is a danger to life and the animals must be brought to a veterinary clinic as soon as possible.

When hunting small animals, it makes sense to seek help from a responsible animal shelter or local animal protection service if necessary. Experts are prepared for such situations and have the right equipment to bring the animals to safety.

Is abandonment of animals a crime?

Abandoning animals is prohibited as per Section 3 of the Animal Welfare Act and can constitute a criminal offense of cruelty to animals as per Section 17 of the Animal Welfare Act. Anyone who abandons animals can be punished with a fine or up to three years in prison. The same laws apply to inappropriate accommodations and animal care or if assistance is intentionally omitted in an emergency.

Roommate advice sign in the room

Animal roommate decision should be well thought out: Adoption tips

If you want to give an animal a home, be aware of the lifelong responsibility for the sentient being: Living with a roommate with an animal can be very satisfying, but it also comes with a duty of care for many years and in all situations – even during the festive season.

By buying animals on the Internet, in pet stores or from breeders, you support the suffering of animals: if demand increases, people interested in profit “produce” more and more dogs, cats, rabbits and other “pets” under usually adverse conditions to take care of the animal. So you must animals Always adopt from the shelter – but only if you can really offer them a long-term home.

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