Are your children allowed to watch exciting Eberhofer movies?

For the eighth time, Sebastian Petzel and Simon Schwartz posed in front of the camera in the crime thriller Eberhof. In an interview about the theatrical release of the movie “Guglhupfgeschwader” they talked about their movie family and their real family.

Finally, Eberhofer’s new thriller “Guglhupfgeschwader” (theatrical release: August 4) has taken over cinemas. It is now the eighth film adapted from a book by Rita Falk (58). Not only so many memories accumulated over the years, but also two amazing sets of photos. Bavarian actor Sebastian Petzel, 51, and fellow Austrian Simon Schwartz, 51, tell what they’re about in a double interview with the spot on the news. They also revealed what they would do with a big lottery win like a win that causes a lot of happiness, disappointments and even action packed showdown in crime comedy.

“Guglhupfgeschwader” is the eighth thriller from Eberhofer. How do I imagine the movie’s family reunion at the start of filming every fall?

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Simon Schwarz: Starting shooting is really like a big family reunion at a bar. Everyone sits with someone they have been in contact with for a long time. But you also know how everyone acts. And as much as we love each other, there are of course groups in our movie family that are a little closer to each other or even traveling together for a family reunion. Our families are now coming on a movie tour through Bavaria.

Do your kids already watch exciting Eberhofer movies?

Sebastian Petzel: Not yet. Slowly but surely they are getting older. They have seen one a little, but in many places with their eyes or ears closed. Eberhofer’s exciting new movie “Guglhupfgeschwader” is still too brutal for young children.

Black: For me it’s a splitter. The little one is still very young. Their two seniors are 26 and 22 and of course they can watch movies. But it is your free decision. I haven’t received any comments from them yet.

After eight films, how many souvenirs have you accumulated from filming?

The Edge: Our photographer always makes little books with beautiful pictures from the shoot. And at the movie premiere, we always get the photo book from the previous year. This is a very beautiful memory. But I didn’t take anything with me from the set, because we always saw each other again after a few months: we’re shooting a movie, and then post-production follows, where you can bump into each other. Then comes the promo, theatrical release, and joint press and film tour. And then the new thriller Eberhofer will be filmed again. We cling to each other almost nonstop anyway, so don’t get so nostalgic. Maybe later, when it’s over…

Schwartz: In general, the memories and the movies survive anyway — and they’re the best souvenir anyway. But the question, of course, is whether these films can still be around in 20 years. You never know if it’s just the zeitgeist or if it’s going to become a classic. We have no influence on that either. However, what I would like are good, old, analogue, non-photoshopped group images for all the movies.

Not enough pictures for you two?

Bezzel: I estimate there are probably 20,000 pictures of us together, just from the movie tour alone. maybe more. And 19875 is really bad. But there are very few pictures that show us who we are.

Schwartz: But then they wouldn’t end up in any of our photo sets. Sebastian and I have a bunch of fantasy movie awards. In photos, we hold things in front of the camera and present them like movie awards. We send each other such pictures from all over the world. It reminds us a bit of the garden gnome in “The Fabulous World of Amelie” [2001]. The group is really very big and very funny. The second group contains images that are offensive and not particularly attractive to us. We’re big on that too, I have to say. You can see, for example, non-smoking T-shirts, sweaty faces or two of us next to each other in the bathroom: I have big boobs, so just fat…

Edge: …I can clearly see the bulge one floor above my stomach. In short, there are really many images in which we lack any kind of aesthetics. But that also keeps us grounded a lot (laughs).

Eberhofer’s exciting new movie “Guglhupfgeschwader” is about, among other things, a big lottery win. What would you do with one like that?

Schwartz: I don’t play the lottery because I don’t believe in that kind of luck, so my answer is very theoretical. But I think I will mainly take care of my children. I will also take care of my wife and I in old age. In return, pure luxury items would be the last thing I would buy with that much money. Enough time and space is the real luxury.

Bezzel: For me, time and especially time with my family is the greatest luxury. I will use the money for that. What I won’t try to do is make money because I’m not just an entrepreneur. I wouldn’t buy cars or gold chains or anything like that either.

Schwartz: But what I can imagine is inviting friends over for a vacation in a nice vacation home.

Bezzel: That’s a good idea. I know a very beautiful, elegant and great finca in Mallorca. We got married after that. If you rent it for a whole month for yourself and your friends and also hire a chef, it will be expensive, but it will also be really nice. This is a real luxury for me…but overall I think winning the lottery means a lot of stress.

“Guglhupfgeschwader” is the eighth film based on the Eberhofer crime. What’s Next?

Simon Schwartz: The next movie will definitely be shot in the fall…

source: Spot on the news (Ele/Spot)

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