Stay away from wasps: bugs don’t like that at all – so they stay away

Everyone notes: there are currently a very large number of hornets in Germany. But something should help keep the animals away? Simple tips can help you.

“But they are intrusive this year,” “It’s amazing how many we have here,” “I got stung too.” There are an astonishing number of wasps currently entering every small talk round and at every regular’s table – especially if they are standing outdoors. Experts predicted the emergence of an epidemic of hornets in 2022 at an early date. But what keeps animals away? He put together tips and household gadgets that bugs absolutely don’t want.

Stay away from wasps: simple tricks help fight intrusive insects

They sit on freshly cut watermelon, crawl into soda cans and even nibble on grilled food. And if wasps don’t have a fixed destination on our patio table, they fly around us, threatening to move up our shirt sleeves or even sit on our bare feet.

Quick help for wasp stings – simple remedies work

Honey – has antibacterial properties, disinfects and relieves itching. © Oleksandr Lacon
Cooling - cold water, an ice pack, or a bandage helps relieve pain.
Cooling – cold water, an ice pack, or a bandage helps relieve pain. © Kristin Klose/Picture Alliance
Emergency doctor – if you have problems with blood circulation, shortness of breath and nausea, it is better not to hesitate and seek help. © Hendrik Schmidt / dpa-Zentralbild / ZB / Symbolbild
Vinegar and oil
Vinegar – compresses containing vinegar water have a cooling and disinfecting effect.
© Kristin Klose/Picture Alliance
Experts at the Rhineland-Palatinate Garden Academy advise planting onions in layers, as in lasagna. Photo: Bear Grimm
Onions – put half an onion on the sting for about half an hour. Onion juice has antibacterial properties, disinfects and relieves itching. © Bear Grimm / dpa
Plantain Report, Plantain Report
Plantain leaves – can be found in many lawns and green spaces. Squeeze, chew, or rub the leaves until some juice comes out of them or they become moist, then squeeze the sting. © F Hecker / Picture Alliance
Heat Pen – The heat pulse aims to activate various signaling pathways in the body and inhibit inflammatory reactions.
Heat Pen – The heat pulse aims to activate various signaling pathways in the body and inhibit inflammatory reactions. © Anna Bremer
A wasp flies on a window (avatar).
It bites! If it is still present, it must be removed first. © Julian Stratenschulte / picture alliance
12% of the 37.8 million employees in Germany in 2021 worked longer than stipulated in their contract.
Be quick – measures should be applied immediately after the bite. © Ralph Hirschberger / dpa

The constant fear of many people: being bitten. There are many ideas circulating to keep animals away. Summarizes helpful tricks and notes: Trying it out helps. Because some only believe in the coffee powder trick, others say wasps don’t smell at all. Next diligently distribute copper coins, others think he is crazy.

Keep wasps away: These tips keep animals at a distance

  • coffee powder burn Wasps don’t like the smell. In a jar (fireproof!) ignite some of the powder with a match.
  • spray with water – You must make the animals think it is raining. They often retreat to their nest.
  • Avoid perfume The sweet smell attracts wasps more.
  • lemon with cloves Both scents are not for wasps and should help. All you have to do is cut the fruit and put the cloves in it.
  • Mint, lemon balm and lavender – She doesn’t like wasps. Place them on the table or even “whip” groups of plants on the counter to release the essential oils.
  • Cover drinks or use cups with lids The smell attracts fewer animals and there is less risk of an animal “drinking” and biting.
  • Set up a wasp trap Put lemonade or beer glasses a little to the side to attract insects. It must be borne in mind that the weaker animals drown in them in agony. It also remains open whether other animals can be avoided in the direction of grilled food and your own drinks.
  • Rub the copper coins between your fingers and scatter them on the table – This advice appears to be available only in German-speaking countries, and there is no evidence of its effectiveness.
  • keep calm Wild waving makes animals feel threatened and become more aggressive.

And what if it happened? Wasp stings usually aren’t a cause for panic (however, allergy sufferers should always take emergency medication with them, and in an emergency, don’t hesitate and call a doctor) – but they can also be painful for anyone who doesn’t have an allergy. Simple treatments provide relief and pain relief.

List of rules: © Jens Kalaene / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa / Symbolbild

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