Sweet fur noses are looking for a home

Andernach Animal Shelter presents “Animals of the Week”!

Nevada – Rabbit – Female / Non-Neutral – * 2021

Nevada was turned over to the animal shelter along with the Washington and Tennessee wimps because they could no longer be properly cared for in the old house due to health issues. At the shelter it turns out that Nevada is pregnant. The culprit, most likely, is Tennessee, since he unfortunately remained with her without neutralization. After giving birth and raising five healthy young ones, Nevada is now looking for a new home. She is currently sitting with Tennessee, who has returned from mediation, and both continue to get along well despite their long separation. Both are welcome to move together indoors or outdoors. The requirements are plenty of space to jump in and do hooks and a healthy diet. Nevada is very trusting and loves to be with everyone.

Anyone wishing to give our Bright Lady of the Bunny a home is welcome to contact info@tierheim-andernach.de.

Siggi – Münsterländer Cattle Guardian Mix – Neutral Male – * 10.07.2019 – Shoulder height approx 50cm

Siggi is three years old, a mix of Munsterlander and cattle guard dog.

Siggi has a congenital abnormality of both front legs, but this does not bother him at all. He can go for a walk with him. He should not necessarily go for jogging, cycling or other sports activities, but there are plenty of people who prefer to do it with ease. And Seiji is looking for exactly those people.

Siggi is not a loud attention-seeking dog in the shelter. On the contrary, you can hardly hear or see Siggi. He also does not care about scolding his kennel neighbors and does not interfere if the neighbor wants to stir up trouble.

Unfortunately, Siggi hasn’t had a single request yet. He is a great man who quietly surrendered to his fate.

Siggi is people-oriented, but not pushy. He’s always obediently waiting until it’s his turn and then enjoying heavy blows. However, the Siggi is an insecure dog that absolutely needs confident and experienced people. When led by insecure people, he believes that he should take charge in certain situations. For example, it so happened that he shocked passersby. He is very happy to hand this responsibility to mentally strong people.

Siggi can be adopted as a second dog (decides to sympathize), as well as one dog.

Siggi can stay home alone for hours without any problems, loves to ride in the car and always does his work outside.

His caregivers would be very happy if he found a good home despite his ‘disability’. In any case, new owners should enjoy the canine experience.

Renault, Raya and Rihanna – EKH – Male, Female, Female / All Not Neutralized – *May 2022

Rhino, Raya and Rihanna are locked in with their mother in Mülheim Karlisch. They also had to fight for their survival on the streets their whole lives, as their families multiplied uncontrollably and gradually became savage.

Mother Rinat has already been castrated in an animal shelter and allowed to return to her discoverer’s garden and is now being cared for there. There was still a chance to tame their children, so the three little ones remained in the shelter.

The siblings are already vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed, they just need a beautiful home to be very happy. A tamed fellow of about the same age can help them overcome their fear of people, because Rhino, Rhea and Rihanna are still quite shy. After neutering, they must be let out.

So we are looking for patient people who have no problem with the little ones who need more time to gain confidence.

Priya – EKH – gray tabby – female / castrated – born approx. 2021/06

Priya was caught with a live trap at Saffig’s helipad as a late arrival, and her remaining family could already be secured last year. Since the kitten was raised without much human contact, she is shy in return and allows more physical contact than she enjoys.

Priya is currently sitting in a room with Finlay and Fiona, she doesn’t seem to have any problems with her peers, they give her a sense of security.

It is impossible to say whether Priya will ever become a cuddly cat. They are looking for an understanding home where they can be met without expectations and where they can decide whether or not they want to be close to people. It pays to have a trusted companion cat who actually lives in the house, as Bria orients herself towards the other cats. There must be a permit.

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