Video consultation hours for children and young people guaranteeing medical care in rural areas / access also for vulnerable groups – the same delegation reported in Lübeck

Lübeck / Kiel – A delegation of renowned health experts in the Virtual Diabetes Ambulance (ViDiKi) for children and adolescents at the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) in Lübeck is convinced today of the indispensable importance of digital solutions in medical care, especially in the field of healthcare. Rural areas. Among them were the presidents of the Federal Assembly AOK D. Carola Riemann and FDP member Christine Aschenberg-Dognus. “By using modern telemedicine technology, we are actively shaping innovative care in Schleswig-Holstein and making everyday life much easier for affected families,” said Tom Ackermann, CEO of AOK NordWest. This is achieved through UKSH video consultations, where children and young people with type 1 diabetes insured with AOK NordWest and their parents receive digital advice from their diabetes pediatricians. Head of the Diabetic Outpatient Clinic, Chief Physician, Dr. Simone von Sengbusch explained that the monthly video consultation has a very positive impact on the health prognosis of children and young adults. The results of the study from the model stage have shown this impressively.

In the pilot phase, experts from the UKSH Diabetes Outpatient Clinic in Lübeck and Wakeel conducted nearly 4,000 video consultations with young patients and their parents, and regularly assessed their glucose values. In the hours of online consultation, which was carried out in addition to personal advice on the site, parents and young people received important information on how to improve their treatment and thus permanently improve the metabolic state. The 240 participating families evaluated the show positively.

“Our experience has shown that regular data discussions, guidance and motivation have a better effect than just one personal appointment every three months with the attending physician. Moreover, presentation affected treatment satisfaction and significantly reduced the burden on parents. In addition, the children’s metabolic status improved Significantly after twelve months.” by Sengbusch. Through a joint contract between UKSH and AOK NordWest, the positive results from the unique nationwide telemedicine project have been simultaneously transferred to the AOK insured youth care in Schleswig-Holstein.

The CEO of the company said Federal Association AOK, d. Carola Riemann, Clear. “Not only since Corona there have been countless children suffering from poor health and/or social deprivation. They often live in social areas or in remote places in the country. To do this, we need regional solutions that take into account the situation and possibilities of the site. Which reaches children directly or digitally in their living environments in sports, at school, in kindergarten or in the country.Where there is hardly any infrastructure, innovative approaches ensure that health offers reach the people or people reach the shows.ViDiKi creates just that – Access and communication. Ensuring equal living conditions is central to social cohesion in Germany. There is still a great need to work here,” says Dr. Carola Riemann.

to me FDP Member of the Bundestag Christine Aschenberg-Dognus Telemedicine is an important building block in the digitization of the healthcare system. “For this reason, we, as the Traffic Light Alliance partners, also agreed in the alliance agreement to enable telemedicine services such as video consultation hours and remote monitoring. As a health expert, I am grateful for the opportunity to learn about telemedicine methods in the field of Treating type 1 diabetes here in Lübeck. As the FDP parliamentary group, we will continue to work to promote digital treatment methods, especially in rural areas. Because that is primarily in the best interest of patients.”

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