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Lebenshilfe runs the day care center in Garbenteich. Photo: Wisner © Wisner

Lebenshilfe terminated the contract of the Garbenteich day care center. CDU and FW are now bringing allegations against the mayor.

Pulheim (DJ/Red). Free Voters and CDU Pohlheim are raising serious allegations against Mayor Andreas Roque (independent) in matters relating to Garbenteich day care center.

The two factions wrote in a press release that Lebenshilfe Gießen “suddenly” terminated its operating contract with the city on July 31, 2023. Moreover: Dirk Oswald, CEO of Lebenshilfe Gießen, sees no other way to finally talk to the mayor about the future form of cooperation , according to the letter to Ruck. On July 28, Oswald sent a copy of this letter to the president of the city council, Heltrude Hoffmann (the Green Party), the leaders of the Parliamentary Group of the Bohelheim Parties and the Council of Fathers in Liebenshelf, so that transparency could be created and “a constructive discussion could also take place in the political sphere”.

“No stress factor”

Andreas Rock sees it completely differently. When asked by the pointer, he explained that this was a completely normal process. Since the new contract has not yet been finalized and therefore has not yet been signed, the old contract must be terminated. This is normal business practice for long-term contracts like this – over a period of about five years. After all, it had to be “cleanly worn”. He is currently negotiating with Dirk Oswald – “everything is very convenient”. Talks have continued since March of this year. Lebenshilfe offered a model contract, which the city of Pohlheim wanted “some wish” to add. “And since we still have time until next year, that’s not a stress factor either.”

FW and CDU, in turn, reported that Oswald’s letter stated that Lebenshilfe “has been feeling a worsening of the climate in association with the city of Pohlheim for some time”. Since December 2021, Lebenshilfe has been trying to get an appointment for a clarifying conversation with Mayor Ruck, but to no avail.

Ruck’s reaction to the accusation: “For God’s sake. For any reason?’ Since he took office, “communication according to the realms has increased. Everything is always discussed.”

In September last year, Andreas Ruck was asked to talk about the contract, Dirk Oßwald explained in an interview with Pointer. A conversation took place in October 2021, and on December 21 a draft contract was finally sent to the city of Pulheim. “I haven’t heard anything since then,” Oswald says. In mid-June of this year, he called the operation, but received no answer again. For example, Lebenshilfe canceled the contract “out of necessity” as a precaution.

Due to legal changes and also due to criticism from some local politicians in Pulheim, Lebenshilfe now wants to “urgently enter into contract negotiations”. There is a clear lack of funding for all three Lebenshilfe daycare centers in the city. Last year, Lebenshilfe “added” a total of about 85,000 euros. He has now proposed dates to the mayor and hopes a meeting can be arranged soon. “We would like to continue operating the Garbenteich daycare center, but under changing conditions,” Oswald emphasized.

Malik Aydin, the leader of the CDU’s parliamentary group, views the situation with concern: “Under Mayor Roc, the childcare situation in Pulheim is getting worse. Not only has the mayor been prevented from providing an additional 100 daycare places that would have been Available with the new building in Kirchstrasse in the spring of 2023. With the letter of termination from Lebenshilfe, the prospects for Pohlheim’s kindergarten, the largest of six groups, have worsened in the summer of 2023: in the worst case, there will be up to 128 children on the street in Garbenteich.”

Andreas Schuch, President of the FW Parliamentary Group, advises to start constructive talks with the participation of city representatives, life support and politics as soon as possible. In addition, Lebenshilfe is the largest employer in Pohlheim with exemplary social commitment. Communication barriers between the city and Lebenshilfe must now be quickly overcome.


According to the CDU and FW, Osswald explains in the aforementioned termination letter that the trust’s cooperation with the city of Pohlheim has been deteriorating for some time. Open and transparent cooperation based on mutual trust in the sense of the Boelheim families is not currently possible.

Due to changes in the legal basis at the federal and state levels, amendments to accounting for operating costs and the desired simplification of administrative activities, the operating contract of the day care centers Garbenteich and Watzenborn-Steinberg (Germaniastraße) and “Rocky Hill” should update or review the day care center in the forest. The eight-page draft of the new contract has been with the administration since December 2021 and, according to Mayor Rock, is being scrutinized.

“push him away”

Lebenshilfe now felt compelled to go through the city councilmen »after another attempt to make a phone call to schedule a call that had been ‘pressed away’ and the subsequent urgent request for a call-back, which was left in the addressee’s mailbox unanswered”.

Malik Aydin asked the mayor to sit down and meet with Lebenshilfe for 101 children currently at Garbenteich day care, 91 children in Watzenborn-Steinberg facilities, and over 200 families. Nursery staff also need safety planning. Proven and reliable partner Lebenshilfe should not be alienated by Pohlheim. Switching to another provider is also not a possibility given the empty job market for child care workers.

Andreas Schösch finally brought up the possibility that CDU or old FW judges would accompany or carry out talks between the city and Lebenshilfe on behalf of the mayor.

Peter Alexander, leader of the SPD’s parliamentary group, explained that Andreas Roque was very much looking for contact with Lebenshilfe. He also indicated the time period, which means that the contract will not expire until next year. Such a contract can not be created “from day to day”, the management in this case. “You have to be a little patient.” The SPD parliamentary group will seek contact with Lebenshilfe in the near future and will also gather expertise from other municipalities. “There are many independent sponsors, but nothing is against continuing with Lebenshilfe,” Alexander emphasized. The leader of the SPD faction explained that the opposition continues to try to discredit Mayor Rock.

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