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Scorpio is an eternal mystery.

They are mysterious and emotional, but beware: they can sting!

Read all about it asterisk The scorpion!

data and properties

This is how Scorpio works!

The ruling planet of Scorpio is the warlike planet Mars. Hence the fighting spirit of Scorpio!

What is certain is that Scorpios like to hide their own feelings, while seeing through those around them very quickly. This zodiac sign has a lot of energy and drive and loves to rush to achieve their goals. He is always surrounded by a mysterious aura from which only a few people can escape. On the one hand, conservative, on the other hand, strong, he is mainly occupied with himself all his life. He fights the biggest battles against himself, has a strong will and is open. But sometimes this positive characteristic turns into its opposite and then deceives its counterpart with unrelenting honesty. People of this zodiac sign are very enthusiastic and impulsive.

In professional life, they are real work horses who persistently pursue their goals and will not give up until they are satisfied. Many of these special representatives are intelligent and culturally interested.

Its element is water. This explains the depth of the Scorpio’s soul. It is built near the water, but it rarely shows its feelings.

The element in each letter is expressed in one of three ways. Scorpios celebrate their birthday in the middle of autumn. For the method, this means: Scorpio is a fixed sign. In plain language: his energy settles into the world. Ensures continuity in the zodiac. Together with Leo, Taurus and Aquarius, he is the keeper of traditions. Scorpio is firm, reliable and stable. When you are in trouble, call Scorpio for help.

The dark side of Scorpio

The gloomy sign feels comfortable in the shade. What deters his fellow humans from him, Scorpio sees his strengths. For him, his honesty is a simple consequence, he sees his sensitivity as a strongly established boundary that no one is allowed to violate. Many people think: it’s stressful!

Tip: If you want to see the protective and loving side of a Scorpio, he should trust you. This is only possible through sacrifice!

This is how Scorpio loves

Scorpios have a reputation for being in love: as a steady water sign ruled by Mars, that makes sense, too.

This is how the sides work:

  • Mars gives great sexual attraction to its subjects!
  • As a symbol of love, Scorpio needs sacrifice, uniqueness, and deep insights into your soul.
  • Scorpios are 100% loyal and expect the same intensity from you.
  • He will remember everything you tell him. We hope you don’t use it against you!

What is a Scorpio man model?

Strength makes it sexy, as the saying goes, and this is exactly how a Scorpio man succeeds with women. But this does not mean that he has to compensate for other shortcomings in status, because most of the time he is also an image of a man.

This passionate partner attaches great importance to sex, but is a faithful monogamous partner. The right woman next to him will quickly get a marriage proposal. A lady of the heart should realize that her husband can be very jealous and clingy.

What is the trait of a Scorpio woman?

Her allure is mysterious and deceptive and makes men very nervous. The Scorpio woman does not know problems, she only considers them as welcome challenges. She masters her life with passion and impulsiveness and proves that she is an affectionate partner. She loves to question things and get to the point.

Scorpio gets along well with these signs

Although the whale and cancer, the other two water signs, who understand the emotional side of Scorpio, this connection can lead to a water flood. Scorpios should instead look to the analytical Virgo: their souls have a very special depth, and Virgo strengthens them with the quality of the earth.

Exciting fireworks can Scorpio with Aries experience, although a longer relationship fails due to Aries’ lack of focus. Hardly anyone can keep up with a Scorpio.

An unconventional Aquarius sparks the curiosity of Scorpios: This airy zodiac sign can satisfy a Scorpio’s need for intensity.

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