Sommersound VS: Fans’ Love For Wincent Weiss Survives It All – Villingen-Schwenningen & Ocean

It broadcasts visitors in great weather before the concert begins. Photo: oak

A true star is playing Sommersound-VS this year. German star Vincent Weiss raises the temperature of the masses. Fans ready: brave the summer heat and storm the festival grounds at 6pm.

Villingen-Schwenningen – I have been up since 4.44 in the morning, and since 7.40 in the morning 17-year-old Miriam has been waiting patiently in front of the entrance to the printing center for the highlight of the evening: Wincent Weiss. She traveled from Waldshut-Tiengen to the Double City by car to be nearby, or rather in the front row, at her star party.

Waiting with her are 19-year-old Julia from Limburg near Frankfurt and her friend Elena from near Ulm, who have been holding the fort at the printing center since 9:30 in the morning. In luggage: mineral water, apple as a snack and a power bank. They don’t know yet how they are going to pass the time until they turn in at 6pm. “We’re talking and sleeping, somehow trying to kill time,” said the three.

At Seven Concerts by Vincent Weiss

This is Vincent Weiss’ seventh small group concert. They haven’t always had good experiences, which is why they hope for something else for the evening: “The entrance is always cumbersome, people are pushing, elbows are stretched out, and everyone wants to be in the front row,” Julia says depressed.

But what do they love so much about Wincent to take on these difficulties? “He is very humble and frankly deals with topics that society usually keeps silent about, such as depression and therapy,” Julia enthuses.

The crowd tensed before the start

At around 4pm, the space in front of the entrance area gets pretty much filled up. Fans sit on the floor, in the sun, fanning each other in the summer temperatures. As time progressed towards the 6pm gate, the crowd seemed to become more tense. It’s getting tighter in front of the silver barriers, fans are waving their entry tickets in front of the security guards. A girl whispered in the crowd: “We’ll run forward.” “No running or pushing,” one of the security guards shouted to the crowd.

However, at 6 pm, the enthusiastic fans could not be stopped: everyone wanted to be the first on stage. A concertgoer hastily drops an umbrella: she remains unnoticed – getting the best seats in front of the stage is more important.

Bianca and Xenia show they can also be more relaxed. The mother and daughter team waited only three quarters of an hour before entering – however they were relatively far ahead. Are you satisfied? Mega, beam. Both from Freudenstadt near Freudenstadt are big fans of Vincent Weiss and this is the second time in one of his concerts. What is great about it? “It’s just talk and puts you in a good mood,”

good mood music

Torsten Engel is actually not at the center of printing for himself, but for his children. “They get that for the good references,” he laughs. He found the process at the printing center completely stress-free. He is from Villingen, so detours through the industrial area are not a problem for him. “As a local, that’s fine,” he smiles.

The opening band heats up

At 6:30 p.m. fans huddled together in the sun in front of the stage, some had secured a spot on hot asphalt and sat on the ground to brace themselves. They still need a little patience – Wincent Weiss is supposed to show up after just over two hours. But fans are quietly waiting in the heat: “We’re all still fine,” says Lörrach’s Elena and Lena. “It was sure to be worse on Wednesdays and Thursdays!”

When the supporting band rolls around Fabian Wegerer at only about 8 p.m., the audience cheers loudly and begins to dance. “Are you in the mood for Wincent Weiss?” Singer Fabian Wegerer invites the audience. It’s easy to guess how keen the fans were for the German star, given the raucous cheers that went off.

The German Red Cross provides security

Benedict Meyer and his DRK team from local clubs in Villingen and Schöningen ensure that nothing happens to the noisy crowd during the party. The waiting crowds in the sweltering heat weren’t a problem either: “The organizers offered them plenty of drinks,” he says calmly. Should something happen, the association’s internal guidelines will be followed.

Luminous faces wherever you look

When Wincent Weiss stormed the stage at 8:45 p.m. and wanted to cross out the first notes, the audience immediately interrupted him and sang along with the words with all their hearts. “Hey there should be music wherever you are,” sing 3,000 rings in a canon, and fill the parking lot of the typography center with life and music and make goosebumps. Wherever you look, you see shining faces: for fans, every effort is worth it for that feeling.

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