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When searching for the right partner or ideal partner, singles first look at their appearance, attractiveness and personality. When it comes to choosing a partner for tall people, height is also an important factor.

Some single men like short women, others are more attracted to women of the same size or even taller women. Incidentally, the same applies to women.

But in principle, the following applies: The male should be about 10% taller than the female. It just looks better.

by the way: The average height of a German man is 1.80 meters, while the average height of a German woman is 1.66 meters and 14 centimeters. So when we talk about tall people, we mean unmarried males over 1.80 meters tall and females taller than 1.66 meters.

General rule: Whether it’s a partnership or leisure activities: we like to surround ourselves with people who, in our personal perception, fit visually, but also in terms of gut feeling.

Is height a problem?

Tall singles or tall people, such as short singles or short people, are often concerned about their height. Do you feel the same? Then you can breathe a sigh of relief, because studies have shown that body size is important when looking for a partner, but it is not crucial.

Rather, what matters is the commonalities and healthy coexistence. If you find the partner you are with “rustling” You are somehow at eye level and can confidently hang the tape measure on the known nail.

Sometimes finding a lifelong partner takes time and patience. Job, family, and hobbies often leave little room for the long search for a partner outside of your four walls. Fortunately, there are virtual dating sites or platforms for people looking for a partner, which serve almost all tastes perfectly. You don’t have to search for a dream man or a woman in wind and weather, and you don’t need to search every ice cream parlour, pedestrian area or restaurant on hand to find a suitable partner. I survived it all on the internet.

For example, just visit the virtual dating site for tall people and flirt and date happily. What seems easy is actually very simple. On the dating site for tall people, you will find single women and single men to match your profile.

Pros and Cons of Senior Singles: It Depends on Perspective

Not only do tall people literally live tall, but they also have amazing views of everything around them. Small people envy tall people, because they are much better at reaching for things on cupboards or, thanks to their great size, they show great respect for others.

Here is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages, small or large:


  • Tall people or tall singles have the advantage that they always have a clear view of what’s going on at the cinema or at concerts.
  • At work, but also in your spare time in general or in particular in sports, you simply trust big people.
  • Great people make a lasting impression no matter where they are. No matter how inconspicuous their appearance, their body size and therefore their general appearance are well remembered.


  • It’s sometimes hard to find clothes that fit for a date, or clothes that fit in general, for tall people. Sleeves that are too short, boots that are pinched and pants that are too short in terms of leg length are not uncommon when looking for a nice outfit.
  • Unfortunately, there are no products meant to be measured in the office. Tall people often sit on chairs that are too small and on tables that are too low, which can lead to back and leg problems in the long run.
  • Tall single men and tall single women must have a lot of patience and time when buying a bed. Often the required bed will have to be made specifically for this height, which, of course, includes an additional cost.

When looking for a partner, even very old singles can feel small, for example, when you meet the dream partner that you really love From her big stockings He hitsThis is how men or women hear compliments: “Thank you, I feel relieved.”

Say Goodbye to Being Single: Big Feelings Despite or Because of Small Differences

In fact, it is not always a question of height whether a woman falls in love with a man and vice versa. There are tall men who fall in love with taller women, but an equal number of men fall in love with short women and vice versa.

“You should feel good”Sonya says. (36) is 1.85 meters tall and fell in love with Erwin W. (40) 1.75 meters tall. Both have been a happy couple for over a year. “And when people on the street look at us with wide eyes, we only smile in a friendly way. We have found happiness in love and we will not let it go either!”‘ says Irwin, his eyes shining.

Are you now in the mood to fall in love again and again? Then take a look at the dating site? We wish you great success and wonderful moments with your very special love!

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