Love is in the Air: Hamburg celebrates the greatest CSD of all time

Hamburg is more colorful than ever! On Saturday, Christopher Street Day (CSD) returns in all its glory, and it will be the greatest demonstration of diversity, tolerance and respect in CSD history! 250,000 people are expected to arrive in the city centre, the demo moves from St. George to Jungfernsteig. MOPO is on site and provides an overview.

Even the cathedral is there

2.50 m: The demo travels through Mönckebergstraße with electro music. One car is particularly intriguing: The Hamburg cathedral brought a small Ferris wheel to CSD. All Hamburgers gather here today.

The cathedral is there.

Lots of love in the air

2:15 pm: A group of young women came from Wolfsburg and Braunschweig. One is celebrating her birthday, and the CSD demo in Hamburg is the “perfect ride” for her and her lesbian friends, she says.

Three pairs of women kissing
Women from Wolfsburg and Braunschweig celebrate a friend’s birthday.

Trucks pass through the main station

1:22 pm: It’s packed in front of the main station, and the demo will now take a tour through Steinstraße and Mönckebergstraße. About 30 trucks participate in this step, for example from Nivea, Deutsche Bahn, Energiewerke or “Schmidts Tivoli”. The fire brigade is also represented by a vehicle.

A fire truck carrying rainbow flags drives through a crowd
Pride Fire Brigade is here.

Exuberant mood in CSD presentation

12:56 pm: Candies, soap bubbles, people dancing: As expected, the mood at CSD Show is full of liveliness and happiness. Favorite song of the day so far: “Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry. But the participants also convey their serious message: They are committed to transgender rights and the protection of LGBT people.

CSD Presentation Participants

CSD demo started

12:25 pm: It has begun! Opening the CSD show with clip-guns, in the front row stood, among others, Hamburg Mayor Peter Chencher (SPD) and Deputy Mayor Katharina Wjblink (The Greens). The test train with thousands of participants and 30 trucks is now moving along the long queue.

A truck with people on its roof passing through a crowd of people
The test train started in the long queue

This is the number of same-sex marriages in Hamburg in 2021

12:19 pm: Prior to CSD, the Nordic Statistics Office published figures on same-sex marriages in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. Accordingly, 108 men and 99 women married each other in the Hanseatic city in 2021.

Ride the red bus

11:44 am: For people with limited mobility, the organizers of the Hamburg Pride Association offer tours: The Red Double Decker Driving Tour of Hamburg along the CSD Route. However, the buses are not barrier-free.

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Predict Fegebank & Tschentscher

11:17 AM: Hamburg Mayor Katharina Wegbenk (The Greens) is looking forward to CSD’s presentation. “Today we are sending a strong signal together for freedom, acceptance and self-determination and against discrimination, hate and violence,” Vegbank wrote on Twitter on Saturday morning.

In addition to Fegebank, first mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) and Queer Commissioner in the federal government, Sven Lehmann (the Greens) are also expected.

Police warn of traffic delays

11:02 AM: Police warn of significant obstructions in traffic and advise to arrive on foot, bike or on the local rail on Saturdays. All other road users should drive around the area around Hamburg city center as much as possible.

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CSD in Hamburg: This is the demo course

10:44 am: The starting point will be at 12:00 noon in Lange Reihe in the St. Georg, and the end point will be Jungfernstieg. 30 trucks should also be part of the test train.

Pride Road 2022
Planned path for display

“Big Longing” – The organizers are full of anticipation

10:25 am: “After two years of restrictions due to the Corona pandemic and bicycle demos, we are very excited about the regular CSD in the community,” said the co-chairs of the Hamburg Pride Association, Nicole Scheining and Christoph Kahrmann.

Eva Jost, Head of MOPO Digital, wrote why CSD stands out this year.

More groups have been registered than ever

9:59 am: A total of 82 groups, including clubs such as FC St. Pauli and political parties, are set to walk through Hamburg city center on a route of about four kilometres. It begins at Lange Reihe in the St. Georg, destination is Jungfernstieg.

After the demo ends, the Pink Pauli Festival awaits in the St. Pauli, which according to the organizers is the largest CSD closing party ever held in Hamburg. In a total of 15 clubs and bars on the Reeperbahn, people will party until late into the night.

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