Peak performer: these are the top 10 tricks for success

Success is a word that can be defined in many different ways. What does success mean to you? A steep career? Six-figure annual salary? leadership position? Being self-employed? Whatever your career goals: We now have top 10 top performer hacks to achieve more success and make you a true leader.


As a high pilot for more success in career

Would you describe yourself as superior? A highly publicized person is understood to mean those people who succeed in achieving the goals they set for themselves – and seemingly effortlessly. While colleagues become more and more frantic, exceeding their project deadlines, failing complex tasks, or dragging themselves completely exhausted and almost exhausted across the finish line, VIPs master every challenge they face easily and literally. Profession terms.

In English, these employees are also called “peak performance” or “superior” titled. You don’t belong (yet)? Then the time for envying a high salary, a responsible position or professional recognition finally ends. With our 10 hacks, you can now take off on your own and become a true pioneer:

Trick 1: Every path to success has a clear goal

One tends to say “The way is the goal”however you should at your start “The road to success” Be clear about your goals. You must then repeat this first step at regular intervals, after all, goals can change, you may have already achieved them and simply need new ones, or you have moved a long way. So keep asking yourself:


  • What does “success” actually mean to me?
  • What career successes do I want to score?
  • How can I achieve these goals?
  • What are the intermediate steps required for this?
  • Into what sub-objectives can the main objectives be divided?
  • What is my first step towards this goal?

Also, make sure your goals are always realistic. Otherwise, sooner or later you will give up in frustration. Even if the big overall goal is still a long way off: Always keep an eye on the next intermediate destination. This should not increase or decrease your challenge. Now you know your way and can take the right direction. Don’t hesitate anymore!

Trick 2: Success has limits too

However, you also need to know your personal limits. Set your physical, financial and moral limits and stick to them at all times. Realize how much success can cost you. Otherwise you may get rich at the end of your life, but you are lonely and divorced four times. Or you feel like you’ve missed out on “life” because of all the work.

If you don’t know your limits, you will feel remorse at some point in your career – this is said to be one of the worst feelings a person can have. Always remember: Time is the most valuable commodity on earth. It is therefore essential to align your career goals with your own and learn how to set boundaries and, if necessary, say “no” every now and then.

Third trick: Don’t let your idols pressure you

Having idols is totally normal and can be a good motivator. However, many people allow themselves to be pressured by their role models. to remember: Everyone is different and no two paths in life are the same. It is not always possible to achieve the same for your idol. The harder you try to do it, the faster you will fail.


Instead, rely on yourself, and work towards your own goals, individual happiness, and your personal path to success. Often luck, chance encounters or hidden talents play a major role here.

Be curious where you end up – maybe that will be higher than your idol? Maybe it’s just “different” and works better for you as a person.

Trick 4: Be more relaxed

Instead of chasing very high goals or chasing the successes of a role model, you need more composure instead. In the article Just Relax: 5 Tips for More Calm at Work, we’ve already shown you why working quietly is much better than working under pressure. If you want to achieve your long-term career goals, you need to stay fit, healthy, and efficient. Don’t you know that too? The more insistent you approach a task, the more likely you are to fail and the more fatigued you will feel afterwards?

But if you calmly see your goals, you radiate more self-confidence, are open to unexpected and exciting turns in life and ultimately you will be more successful, healthier and happier.


Fifth trick: Don’t rush! Give yourself enough time

Start taking your first step on the new path to success today, but don’t expect quick results. Every change takes time. So be patient and always plan your goals for a realistic amount of time. to remember: Every task, no matter how small, even a big goal in life, takes longer than you initially thought. Therefore, plan appropriate buffer times in your to-do lists for the next day and when writing down your short, medium and long-term goals. This way you reduce your stress level, you don’t get overheated and you can (see Trick 4) work more relaxed and go down the path to success.

Sixth trick: the early bird catches the worm

Yes, it’s the kind of saying we all hate. But there is (unfortunately) a lot of truth in it. Get up early and tackle complex morning problems and challenges. Provided you’ve gotten enough sleep, you’ll be more productive after a successful waking phase – preferably with the help of strong coffee.

So start the most important and difficult tasks right in the morning and postpone the unimportant activities until the afternoon. This has another important advantage: if you’ve already done the “hard” part of your job, you’ll be working more motivated, more productive, without time pressures – and there it is again – more relaxed in the afternoon.

Trick 7: Focus Instead of Multitasking

Many people believe that they can function more effectively if they deal with several things at once. But this is absolutely wrong: The more focused you are on a task, the faster and better you will be able to complete it. So eat one item on your to-do list at a time and focus on it. Been completed? Then put a tick and switch quickly. At the end of the work day, you are significantly more productive than multitasking and also feel less stressed.

Reading tip: Increase focus: 10 SOS tips for more focus


The Eighth Trick: Becoming a Self-Employed – With Your Career

Think of your success as your personal small business. Even as an employee you are self-employed in one way or another. Gone are the times when you signed a permanent contract and then let yourself get carried away.

Plan your career actively, be prepared for a job change or patchy resume and don’t shy away from new challenges. So You take your success in your own hands And no longer passively waiting for a promotion or raise. So you have to build a network, attend training courses, seize opportunities, monitor what is happening in the market and competition, and much more. Does he look tired? No one said it was easy to be superior!

Trick 9: Don’t forget your private life

However, despite all the career planning and striving for success, you must never lose sight of your work-life balance. Make sure that you are adequately compensated for your work and that the off times are indeed. Otherwise, at some point, not only your happiness will fall by the wayside, but also your health.

Only in a balanced environment between work, family and friends can you develop your skills in the best possible way. Just turn off the phone after work, on weekends and on vacation – in the truest sense of the word: leave the company’s cell phone and laptop turned off. You can then return to work with renewed energy and new ideas.


Trick 10: Turn your “call” into a job

But you won’t be really good and successful at your job unless you can identify with it. Anyone who sees meaning in his work, enjoys it and follows his inner “calling”, will do well. This love and drive for your work makes you perform at your best, without placing an excessive (mental) burden on you.

Anyone who loves what not only keeps them healthy and happy, but usually becomes very successful as well. This is how you see: pure success should not be the only goal in your life. Rather, it is a positive byproduct of a self-reported and complete lifestyle.

High achievers are not necessarily happier

However, a study by the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg found that professional success does not necessarily make so-called “high achievers” happier. the problem: Success can be an addiction, as one goal leads to another and you don’t take the time to truly enjoy the accomplishments.

We also live in a society where we have learned to always compare ourselves to others. So you must be able to objectively recognize and enjoy your successes. Stop looking left and right. This means: be happy about your salary increase, even if your fellow student earns €200 more, or about grade 1.7 on the exam, even if your fellow student has 1.3. Not only will you be more successful, but you will also be happier.

Would you describe yourself as superior? And what tips can you pass on to our readers from your own experience?

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