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Within the framework of the National Action Program “Catching up with Corona for Children and Youth”, the social authorities are planning and approving measures worth 3.9 million euros. The programme’s projects have been well received – and the support of children and youth has been well received.



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The federal government launched the “Catch-up after Corona for Children and Youth” work program in close coordination with the federal states to mitigate the negative effects of the Corona epidemic on children, youth and low-income families. The total program size is €2 billion nationwide. In Hamburg, the catch-up program is divided into four pillars, in addition to learning support measures and holiday offers from the school and vocational training authorities, these are the measures provided by the social authorities

  • Promote early childhood education
  • Rural camps for education
  • School and extracurricular child and youth welfare measures (together with school and vocational training authorities).

Among other things, vacation packages, additional counseling hours in case of separation disputes, mental health issues, excursions, sports and exercise packages, swimming courses, help with homework and much more are funded.

Experience to date shows that projects are based precisely on support needs reported by child and youth welfare agencies.

The demand for funds from the program is great: the social authorities alone have promised nearly one million euros from the program to more than 35 sponsors, including the Youth Leisure Center and the German Child Protection Association. In addition, another €2.1 million is being managed across regions, a large part of which is already planned.

Senator for Family and Social Affairs, Dr. Melanie Leonard: “The restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic are known to have hit children and young people particularly hard – and this is more the case than it really is, anywhere families have little money at their disposal anyway. In order to mitigate the psychological and social consequences In response to the crisis, existing child and youth counseling, care and welfare services as well as recreational activities are being expanded through the ‘Catch-up Post-Coronavirus for Children and Youth’ work programme. We put money into ongoing programs where it goes straight to the heart of the matter.”

Concretely, children and young people and their parents can also benefit from offers from the Federal Program from many well-known organizations for free youth care in all the districts of Hamburg until the end of the year. During the summer holidays, for example, the Falkenflitzer playmobile offers two-day circus workshops for children in collaboration with Circus Zaretti, who can perform in the ring themselves on the second day. At the Horner Guest Youth Center, hip-hop courses were made possible with funds and an additional social work position was created. Arche and Billstedt Support Island offer educational support and a learning café. Various sponsors such as youth fire brigade, youth recreation center, dock eV or aubiko eV operate youth camps (international) and promote intercultural exchange. A large number of organizations provide counseling services to parents, including the Child Protection Association, or to children and youth in the event of sexual violence, and this is being expanded with funding from the “Catch up after Corona” program.

Social Senator Dr. Melanie Leonard: “After the pandemic, children and young people need our special attention and support so that the long-term psychosocial consequences are contained. So early in May the ministers of youth and family in the federal states indicated that there is a need for a federal program to follow up on the work program “Catch up after Corona.” “.

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