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Every love affair leads to changes in the relationship and negatively affects the partnership. But how do you deal with an affair and how do you recognize it?

An affair is one of the most common reasons for a breakup. Many people have had an affair, whether they’ve hooked up with someone, cheated on someone, or been betrayed.

What is the relationship?

A relationship or a relationship can come in different forms. A physical relationship does not have to be physical. Alternatively, feelings can also be in the foreground. The prerequisite for the existence of an affair is always the breach of agreements that are understood as the basis of the relationship. It doesn’t matter if it’s an open relationship, marriage, or love. Anyone who breaks the established relationship rules cheats on their partner. A romantic relationship can also put a relationship at risk.

The meaning of the case

Sex therapists often describe the differences between the sexes as: “Men seek closeness through sex, and women need closeness in order to have sex.” Although convergence is defined differently, most things revolve around the lack of convergence. People look to a third person for closeness or a missing bond in a relationship. Distance in a relationship can also lead to a need for closeness with another person. Another reason for an affair, in addition to the lack of closeness, can also be a lack of trust. If the partner in their relationship cannot talk about feelings, then feelings accumulate and must eventually appear.

Couples who focus on and nurture their relationship on a daily basis have the best chance of preventing infidelity. This is achieved through friendly and loving communication, constructive handling of unresolved conflicts, partner appreciation and special features such as date nights in everyday life. So anything that strengthens the bond between partners also strengthens the relationship.

relationship stages

The relationship consists of different stages. Based on the typical ideal course of affairs, these stages can be better understood.

Initial phase

The initial stage begins with purity friendly interaction. After a while, a special confidence develops. The first stage is difficult to recognize in advance because most people are not even aware of the problem. It starts with the affected person communicating more and more with another person. This can be in person, in the form of text messages or phone calls.

stress phase

This stage goes beyond just friendship. Tension develops between people and secret conversations are already taking place. This creates the first secrets, even though the relationship has only been romantic so far. From now on, the deceived person often realizes that it is wrong and that the misbehavior may also have consequences.

deepening stage

At this point the issue becomes concrete. Conversations become more intimate and topics that you would only have discussed with your partner are discussed.

Red line

In the next stage, the red line is then crossed, so secret meetings to speak. Sometimes the partner in the actual relationship suspects that something is wrong. The red line is crossed either emotionally or physically. Each encounter means that the bond with the actual partner suffers.

Everything comes to light

Partners often suspect fraud in advance and develop negative feelings. It does not matter whether the relationship was discovered by chance, talked about or actively sought for information in private matters – the issue has serious consequences for the relationship. Emotions such as anger, hate, sadness, or bewilderment are felt when confronted. Suddenly the impossible seems conceivable: separation in the room. How is the relationship going now?

the decision

Now each couple must decide whether it is worth continuing or not. Both must ask themselves whether there is still a common path. The reason you two first met may still be there. Now it is up to everyone to find out.

Although an affair puts a partnership on the line, it doesn’t necessarily mean the end. On the other hand, many relationships could have collapsed due to current problems even without an affair.

What is an emotional relationship?

In a romantic relationship, cheating occurs within a relationship on an emotional level. This happens once you form a close bond with an outsider that goes beyond mere friendship. Although there is no physical cheating in a romantic relationship, it is still a form of cheating. Emotional cheating can also A big threat to the relationship represent and therefore should not remain undisclosed.

Because a romantic relationship provides information that something is missing in the relationship or that at least one partner is not satisfied with the status quo. So it is important to address the problem and find a solution to it together. even here too Telecommunications The key to a long and happy relationship.

When They Both Marry: What Now?

In a relationship, it can also happen that both parties are married. Basically, the consequences are not really different from other affairs. When an affair is discovered, painful situations arise. For love to work again, you need a lot of trust, love, and connection. In married couples, a lack of (sexual) interest is often the cause of the relationship. In a long-term relationship, it can happen that partners no longer pay enough attention to each other, feel desired or lack passion.

Monogamy as a basic principle could also be the cause. Some people feel in one polygamous relationship More comfortable while her partner can only imagine living in a monogamous relationship. If this basic idea differs in a partnership, the discussions must be held together in order to find a solution.

Signs of infidelity: how to spot cheating

Not always, but often treason is suspected in advance that something is wrong. The following signs should not indicate an affair, but in most cases they are typical accompanying circumstances.

changing habits

If a partner changes their habits overnight, this may be the first sign. a New style of clothing, new hobbies or interests Common. Some changes are made to please the relationship, others to spend more time with the person. However, one should not always be too suspicious here. Because in a long relationship over several years, it is inevitable that we change as people.

Clear credit card details

If there are any anomalies like hotel reservations, gifts or the like during the credit card statement, you should be careful. Because these are often obvious signs.

Signs of the end of a relationship

When people want to end their relationship, this usually manifests in the following behaviors:

He runs out of time and spends most of the time with other people
He no longer does the things he did before
He distances himself more and more

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Acceptance of an affair: what to do if your partner admits infidelity?

An affair can also appear, for example, when those who know about it tell the truth to the betrayed partner. Some of those who were aware of this issue found out by chance. In other cases, fraudsters admit themselves because they no longer want to live with a guilty conscience.

Advice for married couples with children

When a couple is about to enter into an affair, it is very painful for all involved. Sometimes kids blame themselves and ask themselves if the cheating parent still loves them just as much. Children not only associate infidelity with their parents, but also feel betrayed. Thus an affair can also permanently affect the The parent-child relationship affect, so it should Both parents always strive for a relationship with their child. honesty and security It is what a child needs in a difficult moment. Whoever pits his child as a partner against the other partner makes the situation much worse.

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