Horoscope for 11/08/22: Daily horoscope for August 11th

What does today bring to your horoscope? The daily horoscope on news.de gives you a look into the new day and reveals what you should pay special attention to for this day.

Your horoscope on August 11, 2022

Aries (March 21 – April 20)

Love now requires tangible physical expression. Broadly between intense sexuality and platonic friendship, the pointer moves remarkably in the direction of physicality. There is something tingling and stimulating about being physically close to your partner. They are closer to erotica and more daring than usual. Fulfill your romantic dreams!

Does it really reflect your career, or do you play a role that you feel you have to play? If you see your job as a profession, you can rest within yourself and reap satisfaction and success. If not, now is the time to sort out the contradictions and explore other options.

Today, you may prefer socializing to being alone. It pushes you out of your four walls and among people. Relationships make personal desires fade away. Go social with your partner or friends! At work you are friendly and helpful with others, but you are not very assertive.

Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

Today your dynamic strength is reaching a low point. Reality may seem particularly harsh to you and you want to hold back. An hour of meditative music or a nature walk will allow you to find inner peace. Do something good!

Emotion and reason go hand in hand. Personal conversations are at the forefront and create closeness and clarity around one’s emotions and needs. Whether you are communicating or listening, today it is not only the head that communicates, but also your heart.

Not everything is necessarily going the way you want it to today. It is easy to forget or overlook something. Or you are unable to follow other people’s thoughts. Accept these flaws! You cannot stop them. If you try to be 100% perfect, you are putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

The physical attractiveness of the opposite sex is awakened, as well as the desire to actively approach others and work together. You want and should enjoy life. The spontaneous, impulsive, yet likable observation that holds you in today helps you build bridges and add color to relationships.

Today there is a great desire to break out of the daily routine with another person. You are looking for a change in your partnership, whether it is a shared experience with a long-term partner or a new acquaintance. They are in the mood for fun, to be entertained, and to have fun. Spend a few hours of fun with your loved one!

Talk about the things that bother you! When you put the pain into words, it loses a little bit of its intensity. Thinking will help you, too. Thoughts make the urgent topic recede away. They look at him more from afar and are less attached to feelings.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Say it with a smile is your daily motto. They seek dialogue, have the ability to communicate and are ready to compromise. Your friendly and peaceful behavior puts you in touch with many people and can mediate between different opinions and create common ground.

What started festive this morning will have its true value tested by evening. You can start the day with enthusiasm. After a few hours you will see things more realistically and realistically.

Their needs are long to be taken care of and fulfilled. Take your longing for emotional security and love seriously and fulfill the desire of a young heart.

Leo (July 23 – August 23)

Do you want to enjoy life but not really succeed? They tend to offset the disappointments of consumption. You can easily forget about the consequences, for example later bills fluttering in the house or extra kilos on the scale. Hold back a little!

You can express yourself particularly well in your professional environment today. You will also find the right words for sensitive content. Master language challenges such as discussions, conveying information or correspondence with confidence.

Exaggerated dress! It could be the slogan of the day. They want to go beyond the usual limits, and in doing so they risk doing it in an inappropriate, excessive or arrogant manner. Or have others lost their temper towards you?

Virgo (August 24 – September 23)

Opportunities are good to expand your own domain. If you look around, you will find open doors that invite you to new experiences. With strong self-confidence you can overcome obstacles and difficulties.

Those duties may be heavy on your shoulders today. They are put out of business, held accountable, or restrained by autocratic bosses. The plus thing about it: you have to develop your spine!

The second half of the day in particular, tends to be inappropriate. Thoughts and feelings overlap. You are more subjective in conversation and allow yourself to be affected by emotions more than usual.

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