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It’s the highlight of summer in the north: today the international summer festival begins at Kulturfabrik Kampnagel in Hamburg.

by Peter Helling

Here we are in the restroom at K1, rehearsals take place next door, and this is the room where pre-performance tension is at its peak,” says festival director Andras Siebold. For example, Oona Doherty is rehearsing, which we not only consider the most interesting choreographer in Europe at the moment. Hamburg is the starting platform, so to speak, before you go on a world tour.”

“Dark Blue” by Una Doherty: Choreographing the color blue

Rachmaninoff’s second piano concerto is humus in which the choreographer plants her “dark blue” piece. She hopes in blue, about her depression, she says – and smiles.

Una Doherty of Northern Ireland tells a story of crisis and relief, about man’s inability to learn from the wars of the past. She calls it dry an “algorithm loop of shit.” Working with an international troupe of twelve feels unadorned, empty, translucent, as if melancholy pervaded.

Black culture plays a central role

András Siebold knows that artists naturally also think about the present and its crises. However, the fun factor of the festival is important to him: “We actually want people to come into an atmosphere where they can drift off and feel comfortable, perhaps open to different genres, different themes, to a very colorful global global community.”

Black culture plays a central role. Canada’s cult doll epic “The Season” guest again, Florentina Holzinger will plunge into the underworld with plenty of extra body. That’s exactly what the audience expects: a surplus! “They also come here because they want to try something: they can sleep in the theater somewhere else!” Siebold says.

Pop-up architecture in Avant Park at the Kampnagel Summer Festival in Hamburg

The public finds relaxation from the over-the-top right next door, in the festival park, Avant Park. For the first time since the beginning of Corona, a place to play and meet, with readings also, is being created here under the supervision of NDR. “Perhaps the oasis of luxury will be a surprise,” says Franz Thorcht of design duo Jascha & Franz.

Folding foreign objects bend under rusty trees and cranes. His partner Jascha Kretschmann explains: “A lot of what we do unfolds. This tells architecture that pops, things that are temporary, things that are flexible and that provide protection from the rain, protection from the sun.”

“52 Jokers” – Between life’s confession and the search for meaning

A few meters from the halls of Kampnagel and you enter another world, the world of Little Annie. Atmosphere like a trendy club in ’70s New York. Singer Annie Bandis lived on and helped shape perhaps the most creative New York years. In the play “52 Jokers” she tells us about the card game in her life: tender, fragile, weak. About how “spirits collide” it’s about – Annie patting her chest – it’s about what lies behind it: the heart. Something for which there are no words.

Paul Walfish composed some songs and had the idea for this piece, an evening between concert and performance, between confession and the search for meaning, and love and—”There’s also a lot of hate here, frustration, a lot of passion, and it all comes together there,” Walfish says. . “There is certainly a great yearning for love, to express love, to accept love.”

Or how would choreographer Una Doherty describe it? “Maybe it doesn’t mean anything, all dancing, all arts. But if not, let’s at least embrace each other.”

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