Libra horoscope: traits, history, men and women

For some people they are esoteric nonsense, for others they are the key to the human soul: asterisk Controversial. But it doesn’t matter if you Daily horoscopesAnd the Birth charts and Co. Just read for entertainment or you want to get added value to your life from it, some basic knowledge about the individual signs of the zodiac can’t hurt. So in this article we will answer all the questions related to the sign of the zodiac Scale.

  • From when to when Are you a Libra?
  • What is typical characteristics Do people with a Libra sign have it?
  • What traits do they have Libra men And the Libra women?

History: From when to when is the sign of the zodiac Libra?

among the September 24 and October 23 He was born with it Libra. People born before September 24th have a Virgo sign. After October 23, Scorpio begins the sign of Scorpio.

Typical Characteristics: This is how people with Libra sign the sign of Libra

Astrologers assign people with the sign of Libra the characteristics of calm and the need for harmony. Accordingly, Libra people often call for justice, they are diplomats and mediators.

Libra’s abilities

the following characteristics Distinguishing people by the zodiac sign Libra:

  • flexible
  • diplomat
  • disciplined
  • Polite
  • Clever
  • creative

Challenges and Weaknesses of Libra

this is Character traits Sometimes it becomes a challenge for people with Libra:

  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Superficial
  • need to like

Libra zodiac sign for men: The Libra man has these characteristics

Men born under the sign of Libra are considered polite and polite. Beauty and elegance impress him, but he is also fond of beauty. It needs to be desirable. A Libra guy often struggles with making decisions, but once you stick with it, he’s loyal.

Zodiac Sign Libra: Libra Woman’s Personality

Women born under the sign of Libra place a lot of value on their appearance, both for themselves and for others. The typical Libra woman is educated and often has an interest in art or philosophy. Sometimes, her need for harmony makes it hard for a Libra woman to decide, because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

Zodiac Libra Love: This is what a Libra looks like in relationships

Libras are said to have a great right to freedom. They also want to live this out in relationships. But at the same time, they have fears of losing Difficultiesor her partner partner To grant the same freedoms. Libras are true romantics who are looking for great love. However, they also have high standards.

What are the signs of the zodiac compatible with Libra?

The following applies to people born under the sign of Libra: Like attracts like. Libras find their best partners in people of the same zodiac sign. They are both creative and freedom-loving and allow themselves plenty of space. Libra and Scorpio is a good combination asterisk They complement each other well.

What zodiac signs are incompatible with Libra?

Libra does not get along with these zodiac signs:

  • Capricorn
  • cancer
  • Virgo
  • fish

Libra Horoscope Libra – What is the Ascendant?

We can not say in general what the rise of Libra is. This depends on when and where you were born. Ascension is the sign of the zodiac that rose to the eastern horizon at the time of birth. You can calculate your ascent on these pages, for example:

Libra planet and element

Astrologers associate the element of Air with the zodiac sign Libra. The associated planet is Venus. Each of the zodiac planets is associated with its own meaning or property. The flower represents love.

These celebrities are Libra

  • Casper (September 25, 1982)
  • Claudia Obert (September 24, 1961)
  • Kim Kardashian (October 21, 1980)
  • Ursula von der Leyen (October 8, 1958)
  • O’Shea Obermayer (September 24, 1946)

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