Natalie Falk reveals the details of her relationship with Frank Otto

Celebrity news today in GALA Tape: Natalie Falk calls her partner Frank Otto a “celebrity” Mike Bloomer shares a shot of Love +++ Here’s what Eva Bennetto thinks of Chris Broy’s new girlfriend.

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August 10, 2022

Natalie Falk describes her partner Frank Otto as “a fantastic celebrity”

On Désirée Nicks, 65, the “Lose Luder” podcast, Natalie Falk, 25, does it right: Former GNTM candidate, now called Miranda Degrande, reviews her past relationships. After meeting Frank Otto, 65, at an event in 2015, they dated for five years. But then they drew a line and Natalie met rocker Timur Akbulut.

The model now reveals that this move was linked to the Corona epidemic: “I think I was bored, I’m always looking for adventure.” She also fell in love with the “freedom and no rules” principle in Hell’s Angels. But the relationship failed in March 2021, and a year later the 25-year-old found herself in the arms of the businessman. Since then, the two have been happier than ever, and Natalie gets along well with his kids. Falk can’t help but speculate why Frank hasn’t suggested it yet: “He probably wouldn’t want to lose me either, if he thought I was the woman for certain reasons. That could also be the case.”

When it comes to his character, the aspiring actress chooses less ambiguous words because she loves to be in front of the cameras. “He’s a media entrepreneur and he loves it too,” she says with a laugh. “And strangely enough, I’ve always had men absolutely keen on fame.”

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August 9, 2022

Mike Bloomer recently fell in love

After splitting from Melanie Mueller, 34, and the subsequent War of the Roses, Mike Bloomer, 55, has been quieter in recent months. But a new snapshot of the 55-year-old is causing a buzz: In his Instagram story, it’s clear that Bloomer is in love with a new woman. At the recording, he held her tightly in his arms, both of them radiating at each other overjoyed. “Thank you for all the lovely congratulations,” Blumer writes of the photo, likely referring to reactions to his new relationship.


Eva Benitato: Shares thoughts on Chris Broy’s new girlfriend

In 2021, reality TV husband Eva Benitato, 30, and Chris Broy, 33, announced their separation. The news that Chris has now found a new love has also reached his ex-girlfriend. During this Instagram Q&A session, Chris Broy was always the focus. A few followers also mentioned the alleged “reality star fight” with Jennifer Riley.

“Okay guys, I don’t care if Chris is taken or not, I want him to be happy [sic]”Eva answers the questions. Neither she nor her son George has met his new girlfriend.” The only thing I can say is that I’ve often heard that it’s Jennifer R. And if so, my gut feeling was not so deceiving me, nor were your eyes. wrong game… [sic]”She continues to write. However, the news does not seem to deter Eva.” So live and let live! [sic]”

Eva Benitato answers questions on Instagram.

Eva Benitato answers questions on Instagram.


Sabrina Setlur shares a picture of kissing with a Cuban dog

It is not known if rapper Sabrina Setlor, 48, has been hired. The Frankfurt native has long given her heart – to her sweet friend Kobe. For a year now, the little pup has been lighting up Setlur’s life. Her Instagram feed is filled with declarations of love and photos of kissing with Kobe. For example, the former “Sister S” wrote of a current recording: “When you’re in love, you don’t need more words.”

But the fur ball is also making a career of its own: with its Instagram account. Since July 2021, cute snapshots of Mr. Sabrina or the lonely dog ​​movement have been shared at regular intervals. The follower count can still be increased from 170 users, but that’s definitely not due to Sabrina Setlur’s pet allure.

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August 8, 2022

Gina-Lisa Lohfink inspires her Instagram community with a new bikini photo

Jenna Lisa Lohvink, 35, knows how to perfectly display her curves. The former GNTM filter proves this again now. On Instagram, Lohfink shares a recording that shows her in a tight bikini by the pool. It’s not just her tattoo that stands out.

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The glossy blue bikini accentuates the bodice of Gina-Lisa XXL in particular. And, according to the tagline: a little more fabric, a lot of bare leather. The negative side of the reality TV actress is only covered with a touch of fabric and thus is skillfully orchestrated. Tan lines are guaranteed not to stand a chance with this bikini. A hot summer image meets the taste of Lohfink fans. One comment reads, “So sexy! Just a dream woman.” Another fan writes: “Beautiful Badenixe.”

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