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In the second episode, Fihri and Oli reconcile

After Ole Schulz and Fahri Yardim clashed several times in the first episode, they were very peaceful in the second episode. “I’m ready for love today,” Fahri said at the start of the show. They say that they also fought backstage after the first episode, but they are very sorry. Goku loves a friendly attitude and even when Fahri praises his skills in moderation, he is quite enthusiastic.

Olly Schultz performs spiritual breathing exercises with the audience

Olly is also looking for inner peace. He invited the entire studio to a spiritual practice he learned from his mentor. “Our body is resonant,” Ollie explains and invites to participate, “I ask everyone in this room to listen to my voice and sit on it so we can create a dynamic vocal envelope.” Then the long “Kiiiiii” echoes through the studio and everyone joins in.

Olly is excited to practice meditation. “We’re all connected now,” he says. “Every heartbeat connects to the next, and now the show can really start for me.”

Fihri and Oli scribbling on the studio background

Despite many love, small quarrels are inevitable. During the game Unnecessarily Complex Answers, Joko makes the mistake of handing out thick-tipped pens. In an unnoticed moment, Oli and Fahri scribble on the studio background. When Goku notices, they blame each other.

However, the peaceful attitude is of no use to them in the test. Oli and Fahri are eliminated early and face Neelam Joko in the final. Joko can defend his show again.

You can see if he made it in Episode 3 and if he’s still quiet on August 16th in Who Steals The Show From Me? 8:15pm on ProSieben, Gwen and in Live broadcast.


Nonstop sarcasm

When Ole Schulz and Fahry Yardim – thus two characters with strong fighting spirits – meet, problems are programmed. The two artists do not hold back with rude remarks and provoke each other with sincere passion.

While the two stubborn heads create an explosive mixture on their own, Goku’s crazy challenges to his board do the rest. The result is a lot of emotional outbursts and even a hole in the studio wall.

Fehri and Oli vs. Goku

Even before the first episode, there were open declarations of war on Medium Goku Winterscheidt. Both Oli and Fehri are sure: Goku must hand his program over to one of them. As Fehri imagines what it will be like when he “makes Goku cry”, Oli exhales with self-confidence: “I’ll bring everything Goku doesn’t have.”

As it was announced, the two entertainers are making life difficult for Goku. On his own show, Goku has difficulty speaking and has to assert himself against brawlers. Of course, this is all part of a complex plan to drive the broker crazy.

Oli and Fahri in the jump

After the first level of winnings, the two competitors are on the same level and have to prove themselves against each other in the jump. While Olly Schulz suggests classic arm wrestling, Fahri wants to know exactly and jokingly demands “Please compare p*mmels. I won.”

Despite laughing, Goku did not accept this suggestion and asked the two of them a question. Ole wins the game and wins the first coin.

Escalation in the event play

Countless funny and provocative sayings culminated in the game of historical event. Based on fake tweets from the past, the commission must learn about historical events. When the suit candidate Lena hurriedly rings the bell, Olly whispers something to her. At the last moment she gives the answer she was looking for and Fahri panics.

Fihri accuses the musician of “I told her”. Olly doesn’t want to let that sit and jump. “come here!” They both call each other and jokingly attack each other.

In the clip: Fehri and Oli attack each other

Episode 1: Olly gets eliminated early, but Fehri loses too

Due to his points deficit at level 2, Ole is the first notable competitor to be eliminated early. As a consolation, Oli gets a farewell kiss from Goku and there is also a warm hug from rival Fahri.

Fahri, on the other hand, made it to the final round, but eventually lost to show director Goku Winterscheidt in a contest duel.

You can see how Oli and Fahrie performed on the second try and whether their argument will continue in the next episode of “Who’s stealing the show?” In the August 9, 2022 Around 20:15 on me ProSiebenAnd the Gwen and in Live broadcast.

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