Shame on you animal buyers! Whoever abandons dogs and cats does not deserve their love

A kitten lies in a cathouse for mother and children at an animal shelter in Berlin. dpa / Monica Skolmoska

In life, one sometimes hopes that the pessimists are wrong – and that in the end everything is not as bad as expected. Unfortunately, the reality often looks very different. Right now, I’m reading everywhere that horror scenarios for animal rights activists across Germany are coming true: during the lockdowns against Corona, people were warned not to carelessly buy pets. And here they come full reports on animal pens.

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It happened as it should: for many, beloved toys, coincidentally called “dogs” and “cats,” became a companion during the Corona period – but then became a burden. Many animal shelters are currently complaining about an increasing number of pets needing care. In addition to the indescribable condition of Corona, there is a rise in prices across the board: if everything becomes more expensive, it will not go unnoticed by the wallets of pet owners.

Animal shelters in Germany explode at the seams

Nuremberg example: Here the head of the animal shelter said just this week that no new sponsors can be accepted at the moment. “We’re full on the roof,” says animal shelter director Tanya Schnabel. According to many animal shelters, it is remarkable that an especially large number of small dogs that are difficult to handle and require a lot of care are abandoned.

Tanya Schnabel, director of the animal shelter in Nuremberg, with the Labrador Milo.
Tanya Schnabel, director of the animal shelter in Nuremberg, with the Labrador Milo. DBA / Daniel Loeb

Currently there are not only a lot of dogs at the animal shelter in Saarbrücken, but also a large number of small dogs. The result of the illegal puppy trade? Unscrupulous animal dealers were especially popular during lockdowns because many people who wanted an animal got caught up in shady deals online. Time has not left its mark on young animals in particular. “I grew up at a time when I had moved into a cocoon,” says Udo Kaepernick of the VDH.

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They are used to being looked after around the clock and have little contact with dogs and other people. When the owners had to go back to work after months in the home office, problems arose because they couldn’t take the dog with them, but they didn’t want them to be on their own or to be taken care of by others.

There are also big problems in Berlin – it is said that the animal shelter in Valkenburg currently shelters a large number of cats. A spokeswoman for Ute Reinhardt said in an interview that in the first seven months of 2022, 110 cats were abandoned at the facility located in Valkenburg compared to the same period last year. According to this, currently 440 animals live in the house – this happened before, but not in the past three years. “The shelter cannot currently accommodate more cats,” Reinhardt said.

One-year-old dog Jesse in her crate at the animal shelter in Nuremberg.
One-year-old dog Jesse in her crate at the animal shelter in Nuremberg. DBA / Daniel Loeb

There is already an entry freeze at the animal shelter in Berlin. This means that the animals can no longer be abandoned from private conservation. However, found and captured animals will continue to be accepted by veterinary offices and other emergencies. The shelter assumes that the entry freeze will only be temporary. “We hope to relax near autumn, so that we can then accommodate the animals again,” Reinhardt said.

Anyone who fails as an animal owner should never get a dog or cat again!

I can only hope that the situation calms down as quickly as possible – and that many animals will soon find a new home. But I also hope for one thing: that pet owners who automatically take a critter home for “disposal” again will never buy a pet again. Whether it is a dog, cat or rabbit: pets need not only caress, but also responsible owners. If you know this: Lots of adorable fur noses are waiting for a new home at the animal shelter – with longing and full of anticipation. Give them a chance!

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