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– A marten can not only deprive you of sleep, but also cause serious damage to the car. But how do you get rid of a marten?

Martin’s damage is not only nerve-wracking, but it can be really costly or even dangerous. Here you can learn how best to keep dings off a property, how to handle rooftop chimes and how best to keep them away from the car.

How do you stay away from Martins?

Martens likes to visit single-family homes, especially in rural areas, and then create a shelter in the attic. This is not without consequences for family members. With their strong teeth they chew through insulation, leaving feces, urine and nocturnal. Often, the actual residents of the home cannot get more restful sleep. But the cars weren’t spared from the marten either, as they are Snap through hoses and cables. Using the following tips, you can quickly drive out small predators.

Keep Martins Away From The Drug: Best Home Remedies

Federal Nature Conservation Act provides for the possibility of expelling mercenaries, harming their health or even killing them, but this is prohibited. Both professional hunters and exterminators are able to capture sable and release it in suitable locations.

However, if you want to drive a sable out of the property yourself, you can use the following tricks:

Chili pepper

Chili is not popular with chimes. Simply send this to Spread where feces were found and hopefully the marten will understand the message.

Throw out the tank with vinegar

vinegar essence It is sprayed on the garden soil with a spray bottle, avoiding contact with plants. The smell of vinegar is supposed to make the fish feel uncomfortable, so it quickly looks for a new shelter. However, the effect is controversial.


If you have a beaver in your garden, you can easily Distribute whole leaves or buds thereSo the marten escapes as quickly as possible.

essential oils

Tea tree oil or other scents can, too It is sprayed or placed in open containers in the gardento drive the marten to flee.

If you have a beaver in your garden, you should definitely Seal all openings of five centimeters or more with plaster, concrete or wire mesh. Tree trunks in the vicinity can be used with a file marten defense belt To be wrapped to prevent the marten from entering the house.

Martins are not only skilled climbers, but can also jump up to two meters in height.

Such measures are appropriate in the garden:

Enclose the garden with a mesh fence

– Plant a mixed hedge with hawthorn, hawthorn, canine and prickly barberry

– Take animals to the barn against theft

Installing a motion detector with water mist

Drive the ages out of the attic

Especially in the country there are many marten. The animals give birth to up to four young each year. This is already in Fall Independently then wander the area at night. That is why many stone wardrobes are often discovered in attics on the street.

Once the poison settles in the attic, this can be accompanied by loud noises. Animals are not only noisy when biting through the roof insulation. Sometimes they mate or go to war in the attic. So people who have a beaver in the attic should be prepared for loud whistling, loud banging and screaming.

Before the attic becomes “tank-resistant,” the marten must, of course, be caught. It is recommended to help a hunter, because the marten is subject to hunting protection. Not only does he have a hunting permit, he also has the know-how to remove a marten. Most often he creates a special fish trap with bait. However, martins may only be hunted in the winter between October and February to ensure that young animals are fed.

If a marten falls into the trap, it must quickly, because
It usually doesn’t take long before a beaver discovers another evacuated shelter. Therefore, all entrances to the attic must be closed.
The best way to do this is by using one narrow wire mesh. For this you should note: A gap of five centimeters in diameter is sufficient for a solitary nocturnal man.

Martinez kicked out: the best way

Martens are not only very sensitive to smells, but they are also very sensitive to noise.
If you want to keep the sable away, you can use the following methods:

the noise: Put the radio in the attic that works 24 hours
marten panic (Sounds in the ultrasonic range imperceptible to humans)
human or Dog hair (collect it when combing and distribute it in the appropriate places)
– toilets
– Anti-smoky paste
– Scented cloth towels
– human urine

Martin in the car

At home, a marten is usually just a noise nuisance. In contrast, significant damage to the car is the order of the day. When animals bite the cooling hosesIt can get expensive quickly. The result is engine damage due to overheating. To this day, it is not clear why Martins crawled into the engine compartment of cars. It is possible that they are attracted to the waste heat from the engine.

Anyone who’s ever had a ceramic infestation in their car should expect more damage—because Martins are repeat offenders. The reason for this is obvious: the tank marks the car as its territory, so other chimes will want to leave their smelly mark in the future. Even changing the parking space does not solve the problem, as this may invade the territory of another fish. Therefore, thorough cleaning of the engine and cars is inevitable to remove all traces of the smell. At the same time, the garage Straight Thorough car cleaning will.

However, in the event of new damage, you will have to resort to other methods. Effective is a wooden frame with a sealed wire mesh, which is pushed under the engine compartment after the car is stopped. Otherwise help too special sprayswhich sprays the engine compartment after cleaning. As a general rule, the fragrance should be renewed after six to eight weeks.

Make the car “marten-proof”:

– DIY Mesh: Wooden frame with wire mesh
Regular car wash
Special sprays
– motion detector with light

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