Bubble gun summer trend: These 5 models will be trending in 2022

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Bubble guns for kids: More action and outdoor fun

Bubble gun for kids provides fun and outdoor games

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They put a smile on children’s faces: soap bubbles are more popular than ever. Whether at weddings, family celebrations or birthdays – as soon as the first balls fly into the air, the search for soap bubbles begins.

It was customary to make soap bubbles manually, by mouth or with the help of a rope. Nowadays, there are many games with built-in automation that produce large numbers of small balls – above all a bubble gun. Not only does it make kids’ eyes light up on big occasions like weddings or birthdays, but it’s also great fun in their spare time. Especially in the warm summer months, the popular outdoor tool is used a lot.

Bubble guns comparison: models for kids

1. valve gun

According to the manufacturer, this bubble gun Recommended for children over the age of three. The special feature of this model is the built-in LED light. A ready-made soap liquid (2 x 50 ml) is included in the scope of delivery, which is simply installed in the device – and hundreds of bubbles can be released from the gun at the same time. The automation is powered by batteries (3x 1.5V AA), which you must purchase separately.

2 sets

in this group Two guns including soap bubble liquid (2 bottles) are included. No batteries required here, but the functionality remains the same: soap bubbles are released into the air via a button that simply must be pressed. Great fun for every kid’s birthday party. If you need more bubble guns, you can also find battery powered models of the same brand here. set of 3.

3. Fireman Sam

He is the favorite character of many young children: fireman sam. A resident of a Welsh (fictional) town called Pontypandy became world famous through the animated series of the same name. So it is not surprising that there is also a color-coordinated soap bubble gun with the same design: the model is suitable for children from three years of age and is also battery-operated. The kit contains 120ml of soapy water.

4. Paw Patrol

The Six Dogs (and Boy Ryder) from the popular children’s series “paw patrol”. Characters from the Canadian computer animated series can also be found on this bubble gun: scope of delivery includes a special 60ml bubble liquid and immersion container. According to the manufacturer, the pistol is suitable for children aged three to ten years.

5. Animal motifs

if whale or RhinoAnd the dinosaur or SeahorseAnimal-like bubble guns are very popular with kids. Plastic models usually have a comfortable handle and are battery operated. Depending on the manufacturer, some pistols beep when bubbles are produced. The choice is now so huge that there is something to suit every taste.

Parents’ Checklist: Buying Tips

Since most of the models come in kid-friendly designs, they are aimed primarily at a small audience – although adults also use bubble guns for weddings and birthdays. However, parents are advised to pay attention when buying a wide handle (as well as the design) that can be easily operated by children’s hands.

Basically, battery powered models have the advantage that more soap bubbles can be produced in a short time. Here, however, you should make sure that the battery compartment is always tightly closed – so that no soapy liquid hits it (which certainly does when kids play carelessly with it).

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