Drinking Bottle for Dogs: How to Support Your Pet in Summer

Imminent collapse of the circulatory system
That’s why you should always have a water bottle for your dog

On long trips, you should always have water for the dog

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As soon as the last heat wave is over, the German weather service announces the next: When temperatures rise above 30 degrees, it is more important than ever to drink a lot. This applies not only to humans, but also to their pets.

If dogs do not drink enough fluids on hot days, they – like humans – can suffer a circulatory collapse. For this reason, your pet should always be provided with an adequate amount of water in the summer. But how much is enough then? According to veterinarian Dr. Medical vet Julia Tunsmeyer, there are rough guidelines: Typically, a dog should consume about 20 to 90 milliliters of fluid per kilogram of body weight per day. In other words, a four-legged friend weighing ten kilograms needs one liter of water per day. Even more so on hot days, because when your dog sheds a lot, he also loses more fluid. A drinking bottle is essential so you can take care of your pet on the go. We offer you different models.

Drinking bottles for dogs: 5 models in comparison

On warm days, the bacteria can spread rapidly in small streams and lakes or in public water vessels and sometimes cause serious gastrointestinal illnesses. So it is easier and healthier to always have pure drinking water with you in a dog drinking bottle. Preferably made of BPA-free plastic, which does not contain plasticizers, or of stainless steel.

1. Petkit drinking bottle

Inside this bottle is a coconut shell activated carbon filter that ensures your dog is drinking clean water at all times. According to the manufacturer, the material is BPA-free, and the integrated one-click lock should prevent leakage. water bottle from Petkit Available in four colors and two sizes depending on how much water your dog needs throughout the day.

2. Scruss Drinking Bottle

foldable water cup cross More suitable for small dogs due to its small capacity of 280ml. But it fits every handbag. According to the manufacturer, the model is BPA-free, lead-free, and resistant to high temperatures. In addition, the drinking bottle has an airtight silicone seal (on the inside) so that water does not leak out.

3. Trixie drinking bottle

Unlike the first two models, this drinking bottle for dogs consists of Trixie – Except for the drinking lid – made of stainless steel and easy to clean. Available in two different sizes (300 and 750 ml). According to the manufacturer, this bottle is also leak-proof and thus the perfect thirst quencher for walks and long trips.

4. Drinking bottle from Jormftte

Also available in two different colors is a dog water bottle Gourmet Made of environmentally friendly PC and ABS (food grade) materials. It has a capacity of 550ml and has a silicone seal ring so that no liquid can escape when the bottle is closed.

5. Asobu drinking bottle

What’s special about this insulated stainless steel water bottle from Asobo Is that it is a drinking bowl and the dog in one bowl: in addition to 945ml of water, the bottom can be removed and used as a feeding and drinking point. However, the drawback is that your dog cannot drink directly from the water bottle.

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This is why dogs pant more on hot days

In fact, dogs can only sweat on their paws and tongue, albeit only in small amounts. To regulate their body temperature on hot days, they pant more to cool themselves. However, this method helps only at temperatures below 35 degrees. However, if you rise above this, which is entirely possible during a heat wave in Germany, there is a risk of a circulatory collapse. To avoid this, your dog should drink enough fluids, both at home and on the go.

These signs indicate a high temperature

As we just learned, excessive panting on a hot day is perfectly normal for dogs and is not (in and of itself) a sign that your pet is overheating. However, if the following symptoms are added, you should be alarmed:

  • Your dog looks lukewarm
  • Your dog staggers when walking
  • Your dog is stressed and anxious
  • Your dog has a crimson tongue
  • Your dog has a glassy look
  • Your dog produces a lot of saliva
  • Your dog starts shaking or cramping

In this case you should act quickly and cool the animal’s body in a shaded place, for example with a wet towel or sheet. He should also be given clean, lukewarm (not cold!) water to drink. Once the circulation is stable, you can gently and slowly spray it with some water, first on its hind legs, then on its front legs. If your dog is about to lose consciousness, you should drive to the vet or call the mobile animal emergency service as soon as possible.

Source: RTL, NDR

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