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Said about the new gourmet bags (from left): District Manager Dr. Achim Brutel, Marion Schmidt Kowalk (GenussRegion Neckar-Odenwald), Andy and Selma Troissler (Fritze Beck), Michael Schiffmann (Odenwald Bioinsel), Melanie Türk (photo + Graphic Respondek), Regional Director Ruth Weniger, Mayor Thomas Ludwig (Bioland Imkerei) ), Tobias Münch (Regio-Box Schlierstadt), and Jenny Damico (Hof Heilig). (Photo: evening)

Odenwald Enjoyment Bags – Value Added Gift

Sicach. (evening) From now on, it will be easier to give up the pleasure of home. District Manager Dr. Achim Bruttel recently introduced the Odenwald recreational bags to the public. The Bags is a successful joint venture of three regional campaigns: the Neckar Odenwald Organic Model Zone, the Neckar Odenwald Pleasure District, and Fair and Regional.

The background and driving force behind the project was the often expressed desire to part with manufactured or traded products regionally and equitably in an attractive manner.

The traditional gift basket solution is representative on the one hand, but it also has significant drawbacks on the other. The empty basket is usually not used, and the outer packaging with plastic film also causes unnecessary waste.

That is why the idea quickly came up to develop a gift bag instead, which can be used for other purposes at any time. The idea of ​​reuse and sustainability was particularly important.

Since March 2021, the design of the bag, its name and above all the size of the bag have been intensively discussed. As a result of many workshops, two variants eventually emerged.

The small fun bag and the spacious fun bag. These are regional stocking products from at least two companies and at least one Fair Trade product.

Both bag sizes are also available as organic bags filled exclusively with organic produce. The specification “Products from at least two companies” aims to enhance communication between regional companies and enhance cooperation.

“The advantage: Each bag can be filled individually according to the occasion, season, taste and budget – from hearty snacks to regional specialties to sweet temptations,” explains Brötel.

“In the end, it all comes down to a very simple core message that can be boiled down to a simple common denominator: If you think more, you buy closely. Therefore, our gourmet bag from Odenwald is a real value-added gift.”

Currently, 15 companies are participating, where you can buy beautifully decorated bags and wallets throughout the region.

Participating companies provide advice on product selection and composition. The goal is to win more partners.

Thus, “from the region – to the region” is more than just a slogan. This is also based on the idea of ​​doing landscape maintenance with a knife and fork. The combination of pleasant and useful. Freshness and quality without the long haul with seasonally appropriate products. If you want to preserve and preserve what is so valuable in the cultural landscape, you must also strengthen the structures that make this possible.

Odenwald Enjoyment bags are eye catching and can be reused in many ways. (Photo: evening)

Here you can find Odenwald bags for fun:

Bergfield farm shopAllfelder Weg 27, 74821 Mosbach-Bergfeld, 06261 9183638, info@bergfelder-hofladen.de

Gätschenberger GmbH & Co. Ltd. KGRöhrleinshof 1, 74842 Billigheim-Katzental, 06265 7385, hallo@hof-heilig.de

Prince Carl HotelHochstadtstrasse 1, 74722 Buchen, 06281 52690, blum@landhof-blum.de

Zimmermann’s butcher’s countryWaldbrunn-Waldkatzenbach, Hirtenweg 5, 69429 Waldbrunn-Waldkatzenbach, 06274/269, laura.helm@suesse-versuchung-dallau.de

Schlierstadt الإقليمي regional squareHeckenstrasse 1, 74706 Osterburken-Schlierstadt

The BIO Enjoyment bag is available from:

Willard’s Organic BeekeepingBreitenau 2 – Forsthaus, 74736 Hardheim, 06283 2266144, [email protected]

Beekeeping Bioland HermannRingstraße 34, 74749 Rosenberg-Hirschlanden, 06295 1416, fritze-beck@web.de

Church cheese and dairy products Sindolsheim eGVorstadt 11a, 74749 Rosenberg-Sindolsheim, 0175 5557411, team@odenwaelder-bioinsel.de

Verdi Training Center in MosbachMosbach-Bergfeld, Am Wasserturm 1-3, 74821 Mosbach-Bergfeld, 06261 942111, anja.kuhn@verdi.de

Mosbach global storeKesslergasse 1, 74821 Mosbach, 06261 4048,

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