Prepaid Credit Cards for Kids: Any Reputable Service Providers

Should your child learn how to handle money as you flirt with a prepaid credit card without falling into the debt trap? We looked at 3 children’s maps, compared them to each other and summarized the most important information for you.

Children should learn how to handle money at an early age. If they can handle a little pocket money each month, a credit card might be the next step. Prepaid credit cards are especially suitable for this, as you can only spend what is pre-loaded on the card as a credit. But it might also be nice if upcoming school trips can funnel more money to the card in an emergency.

Kids prepaid credit card: 3 cards in comparison

We’ve looked at several prepaid credit cards that can be applied for under the age of 18 for which you don’t have to open an additional checking account with the issuing bank, but which you can easily top up using your parents’ existing payment options.

Presenter My Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Commerzbank postal bank
payment system Master Card Credit Card Master Card Credit Card visas
Minimum age 12 years 14 years 14 years
costs per year Under 18 free
Over 18 years old €20
Under 18 free
Over 18 years old 39.90 €
29 euro
cash withdrawals undefined 1.95% of the sales amount, minimum €5.98 2.50% of the sales amount, at least 5.00€
Pros – Cons
  • from 12 years old
  • Free for minors
  • 14 years and over
  • Free for minors

Still looking for a free checking account? Here we show you the best in comparison:

A quick glimpse of prepaid credit card details for kids

My Volksbank Raiffeisenbank

when Raiffeisenbank Prepaid MasterCard It is a Visa card that parents can apply for without a credit check and from the age of 12. Plus, it’s free until the age of 18. After that, it costs €20 per year, making it the cheapest cards offered. If you go on vacation, the foreign currency fee is 1.9%. However, depending on the federal state, the issuing bank sets the fees payable for withdrawing funds at home and abroad. If you are interested, it is better to know in advance what conditions apply to you.


when Commerzbank You will receive a prepaid Mastercard credit card. It can also be applied for by parents from the age of 14, free of charge until age 18 and beyond, and is available for €39.90 per year. For use in a country with a different currency, you pay 1.75% of the turnover and for cash withdrawals of 1.95% of the turnover, but at least €5.98 locally and abroad.

postal bank

Moreover Postbank offers a prepaid Visa credit card on me. It can also be applied for by parents from the age of 14, but it costs 29 euros in the first year. From the second year, the price then drops to 15 euros. The forex fee is 1.89% of the trading volume, and for cash withdrawals outside the Eurozone you pay 2.5% or at least €5 foreign transaction fee.

How does a prepaid credit card for kids work?

A prepaid credit card works in a similar way to a gift card. Before it can be used, it must first be loaded with a credit, and despite its name, it does not give any credit. Thus, overdraft and the high interest rates associated with it are not possible. Perfect for kids who must learn how to use this card responsibly, whether at home or on a school trip. In an emergency, you can always transfer more money and the child is protected.

Can you pay with prepaid credit cards everywhere?

In principle, you can pay with prepaid credit cards almost anywhere that regular Visa and Mastercard are also accepted. But there are some exceptions that shouldn’t be more relevant to a child’s use. For example, you can’t usually rent a car or book hotels, as they often require a deposit.

Conclusion: Advantages and Disadvantages of Prepaid Credit Card for Kids

The biggest advantage of a prepaid credit card is, of course, complete cost control thanks to the pre-loaded credit and the lack of overdraft possibility. Emergency transportation usually happens very quickly. Since two of the cards are free until the age of 18, they are ideal for children and can be used to learn about responsible money management. From the age of 18, cards are usually not free and relatively expensive, but they can be canceled in time. An added bonus is that parents with a negative Schufa credit rating can also apply for a card, as there is no check.

In the following video, we show you how you can save money every year:

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