Summer Carnival in Bekom celebrates the premiere

“Rumskedi helau” is the motto of Saturday in Bekum Market Square. Our other event tips are less crap.

Beckum / Telgte / Ahlen / Oelde / Münster / Bielefeld (gl) – In Beckum, as a city with 23 carnival associations, the atmosphere is guaranteed even outside the “fifth season”. On Saturday, August 13, the umbrella company “Okay, here we go again” invites you to the summer carnival in the newly designed market square. There, from 4:11 pm, the goofy crowd can look forward to a colorful program with all that the local carnival has to offer in terms of dance, music and singing. On the other hand, the parade troupe “Schlagerzirkus” includes a variety show from 8 pm to night, during which you should not miss the well-known carnival performances.

Show 14 groups

14 bands from Bekom present their performances and want to attract their audience’s attention with their show dances, music and singing. Viewers can look forward to an atmospheric cross-section of local crap until shortly before 8pm. The head of the all-inclusive company, Wolfgang Krugmeer, announced that admission is free.

The highlight of this ridiculous holiday is the guest performance of the show troupe “Schlagerzirkus”, which takes the direction on the market square just after 8 pm. For five hours, the musicians warm up their audience with a colorful mix of hit and famous songs. Cult songs, modern songs, Ballermann songs and Oktoberfest songs are played. The singers from “Schlagercircus” style the show in exotic outfits and shiny wigs.

Medieval Festival in Telgte

Anno Events invites you to the Medieval Festival “Anno 1238” in Telgte this weekend (12-14 August). From Friday to Sunday, a theatrical program with music as well as dance shows and performances attract visitors. Handicrafts from wool spinning to rope making can also be seen. Working hours: Friday from 4 pm, Saturday from 12 pm, Sunday from 10 am. Prices: Friday 10 euros, Saturday and Sunday 15 euros, children up to 14 years 5 or 7 euros. Children under 1.20 meters free of charge

Children’s theater in Ahlin

“Schnickschnack & Schnuck in Search of Love” can be seen in Ahlen.“Schnickschnack & Schnuck in Search of Love” is a turbulent chase and a fascinating journey around the world. Jörg Isermeyer’s clown play with Meike Wiemann and Tobias Winopall delights people aged five and over. On Saturday 13 August, the play will be a guest at the Schuhfabrik Kultursommer, Königstraße. Submission is free.

Comedy in Oelde

Arnd Zeigler is one of the comedians who come to Oelde.Comedy Fours awaits visitors Thursday through Sunday at Four Seasons Park in Oelde. On Thursday, Arnd Zeigler (photo left) takes his fans into the “wonderful world of football”. “Jubilation, clamor, noise, hoarseness,” promises Johann König (middle image) on Friday. A father-of-three is asking urgent questions about the present, organizers say in the ad. The comedy marathon continues on Saturday: Christian Ehring, known from “The Today Show” (photo at right), has “antibodies” in his blood. Timon Krause is coming to Oelde on Sunday. His program is called “Mind Games”, translated: Mind Games. A combined ticket is not available for all events.

Timings: Thursday, August 11th at 8pm: Arend Ziegler. Friday, August 12, 8 p.m.: Johann König; Saturday, August 13, 8 p.m.: Christian Earing; Sunday, August 14, 7 p.m.: Timon Krause Address: Four Seasons Park Prices: From €29.65, tickets are available from the ticket service “Glocke”, tel. 02522 / 73-333.

Exhibition tip: Archeology in Münster and Bielefeld

The virtual exhibition in the shopping centers of Münster and Bielefeld promises archeology that you can touchThe Regional Association of the City of Westphalia – Lieb (LWL) breaks new ground: the LWL Antiquities Committee of Westphalia and LWL of Antiquities send an “archaeological time machine” on a journey through Westphalia. The Time Machine can be seen in one pavilion: until Saturday at Münster-Arkaden in Münster and from Monday at Loom Shopping Center in Bielefeld. Wearing special goggles, visitors experience “virtual reality”-quality short films at three archaeological sites in Westphalia-Liby. Also present: the “DeLorean” sports car from the movie “Back to the Future” (1985). In Virtual Reality (VR), you can go back to the Neolithic, Roman and Medieval times for three minutes each. The exhibition can be seen at the Münster-Arkaden in Münster until Saturday 13 August, and at Loom in Bielefeld from Mondays to Saturdays, 15-20 August.

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